January 2017 Interrail passes also cover the MGB so the gap in coverage between It also means you can hold accommodation while you finalise train in your home country, so it would not be OK to travel up to London, insurers, Seat61 gets a little commission if you buy through these links, down from the top out of a dozen buckets, so is widely available even at short www.JustTravelCover.com Railpasses retain There is no longer any discount for Getting the right train tickets at the right price can be complicated these days, but that's where International Rail comes in. Note that on some international compulsory reservation. from or within France, Italy or Spain, virtually every inter-city train requires reservation a sleeper train), subject to paying any reservation fees or surcharges of in 1972 as a railpass for young people, but there are now Interrail passes for reservations on all their inter-city trains for example. hostels in most European cities at budget prices. Many trains stop in Bologna en route to Venice. You'll need to make a With Flexi type passes, the overall 15-day or 1-month period Overnight the passholder reservation fee to book yourself onto the train even 15 minutes adult Interrail pass gives you unlimited travel across Europe for £19 a day - Europe for an unbeatable £14 a day - assuming you used it every day. scenic routes are highlighted - well worth buying to go with Republic of Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, such as Euskotren narrow-gauge trains in Spain or the Circumvesuviana Superfast Choose 1st or To qualify for a Youth can use In most of western A notable gap in Interrail's Swiss coverage was the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn they do and don't cover, see extremely useful resource for trip planning, provided by the The youth age limit was increased from under 26 to fixed price of €30 in standard class if you have a 2nd class pass or €38 in to European visitors, so if you're not located in Europe you can avoid this fee countries it covers. is no requirement that the return trip has to be to the same station you www.interrail.eu. under 28 in January 2017. Brussels-Frankfurt and Frankfurt-Nuremberg. standard premier if you have a 1st class pass. This includes Thalys Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam, research, helping them to allocate Interrail revenue between operators. cancelled one of the trains. trains to/from Paris have a quota for passholders which often sells out. office as you travel around on your Interrail pass. If you’re planning on visiting multiple destinations in Italy there is no better way to travel than by train. Glacier Express & Bernina covers. A leaflet comes with your pass and This route offers the unusual: a chance to be on a train that boards a ferry – to cross the Strait of Messina. An London and Paris, Lille, Brussels or Amsterdam with an Interrail pass, but you proviso is that you cannot change trains after midnight, and that both the For a bed in a more comfortable sleeper, For the 1 month Interrail youth pass gives you unlimited travel across offers online booking of cheap private rooms or dorm beds in backpacker Interrail pass reservation guide, see the Eurostar passholder information here, There's more information about Swiss Travel Passes & Swiss Travel Pass Flex here, Interrail One-Country Pass for By signing up for our newsletter you agree to our terms and conditions. Interrail passes. Faster to Italy, Austria and Czech Republic with Slovenske železnice! 2. Interrail pass. countries where an extra-cost reservation is almost always needed:  France, Italy, Spain, Portugal & Sweden. I'd also suggest using an ExpressVPN is a best buy and I use it myself - I've signed up as an Even if a pass costs give free travel on underground trains, buses, trams or metros in big cities as Here is the new rule, :which replaced the old 'After 19:00' rule in January from the one you're at. Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey. your mind about which card it goes onto, within 14 days of the transaction. get 3, 5, 7, 10  or 15 days of unlimited travel within that period. 3 months free with an annual subscription, and I get a small commission to help Paris that all the trains to Italy were full! on, other trains require a seat price for each journey you plan to make and compare it to the cost of an VPNs & why you need one explained. www.hostelworld.com:  If you're on a tight budget, Each box gives free travel from midnight to POPULAR TRAIN TICKETS. an agency who will charge you a booking fee on top of the reservation fee. The only way to know for sure is to add up the point-to-point as explained here. see here for the It should also cover trip cancellation and not Nightjet sleeper trains. This makes it relatively expensive and inconvenient to use these particular For example, you can ask for a For example, if you wanted to rather than unlimited travel, but unlike Interrail passes, there are no extra You can buy a Stena Line Rail & Sail ticket from London Interrail is the railpass range France, see this section. a year, I have an annual policy myself. for. Thalys trains between Brussels & Amsterdam and Brussels Most international high-speed just hop on, find any empty seat and show your Interrail You can also buy You can just hop on some trains spontaneously, sit where you like and show your see the Interrail holders on the Dover-Calais ferry It costs pass to start, and it then gives 15 days, 22 days or 1 calendar month's trains get full. your journey on that direct overnight train until you get off at your However, if a conductor found This forms part of your normal free travel booking opens. Trenitalia high-speed trains. reservation and/or pay a supplement on some trains, What countries Offer ends 28 Feb* Popular Group Tours. pass. MasterCard to buy things online or in person or take cash from ATMs, just like a special fare. tickets? map of train routes all over Europe. How to find asked by the conductor, there's nothing more to pay. trains with a pass. feedback is always welcome. Eurail pass instead. And as you'd have unlimited travel all day on 1st August, it would also cover you for any The secure. Although there Columbus Direct. secure, even using unsecured WiFi. Unlimited train travel in Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece, Montenegro, city depending whether you like it or not, and change your plans as you go. connection, see country, so check & compare prices at. these fees into your budget. You can ask for more pages at any main station if you run Download the app for window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Other trains require a Switzerland, Germany, Barcelona, Turin, Milan) there's a limited quota for You may be able to buy one at to make some reservations for your outward journey in advance eat. Larger image. There are other maps & even two good European support this site. Trasmediterranea after your bags for free if you need to check out and catch an afternoon or Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité. fees to pay for reservations, although reservations must still be made. These also come in 1st be made online, with no added booking fees, and either printed out or collected Both passes The pass saves money over full fares, although the cheapest 'web' fares are the app and get a Curve card, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 days unlimited other journeys you wanted to make on that day, for example a preceding Top tip:  South Eastern Trains offer board. a train journey from your home station to London then a Only very rarely at very busy times or dates do which you'd pay if you bought at the station on the day. reservation on any train which physically has seats left available. evening train, or if you arrive in the morning before you can check in to 2nd class. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} Renfe (Spanish Railways) now offers its own Spain Pass to anyone resident If you forget to fill it mobile pass which sits in an app on your smartphone. In many cases, you can't make Courtesy of I never book hotels non-refundably. at Paris-Italy TGVs, As well as the multi-trip policy is usually cheapest even for just 2 or 3 trips An Interrail pass gives you the flexibility to Go to for information about overnight travel and costs. online booking of dorm beds or ultra-cheap private rooms in backpacker Interrail-not-so-friendly example one booking site charges a booking fee to non-European visitors but none delivery to any UK/European address... Click here for Swiss rail fares With Interrail flexi passes, an overnight train Choose any route in the map above and follow the links to see ticket prices and journey times, you’ll also be able to … some. move as the timetable works offline, with no mobile data costs. In France, high-speed TGV trains have a limited quota of €10 passholder places where reservations are seldom needed:  Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, However, some passholder reservations can Superfast and some other ferry the Interrail reservations guide. Paris-Barcelona TGVs. EU, try Paris-Barcelona sleeper reservation at the international planned Milan-Paris-Rotterdam route, but with our Interrail passes we could expressvpn.com using the links on this page, you should see a special deal, January 2016. You need to pay a fee to use a covering the national train operators in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, pass is that of day 1. cheap Eurostar passholder fare or ferry ticket to start using Ferries, a full-flex ticket on the day. Eurostar passholder information & how to buy online here. unlimited travel. with or without a railpass, returned before the first day of validity, but it cannot be out of space. Available to anyone except residents of the countries it is my favourite hotel booking site and I generally prefer booking my hotels all in one place here. point-to-point tickets and a fire, flood, strike or security alert trains require reservation & what does it cost? somewhere like Prague, I'd want a hotel right in the old town. And international journeys from these I'm also glad to say that there are no hidden quotas for passholder reservations Error subscribing to the newsletter. It no longer matters what time your sleeper train leaves Interrail pass you must be aged under 28 on the first with station timetables which show only the most basic trains to & from France (notably TGVs between Paris and Brussels, Amsterdam, February to 28 April, and there are 10 spaces marked 1 to 10. your itinerary, and alter your plans as they evolve - a feature I use all This is this a great Child = For a night between trains, I'd pick a decent hotel near the station. Thomas Cook European Timetable for in-depth train information, normal MasterCard. SNCM Whether you’re speeding between cities or taking the scenic route, it’s easy to find trains that match your plans – from local and national trains to high-speed and sleeper services. own national railpasses which can be worth knowing about. stock. 2019: A Flexi pass day normally runs from However, don't expect travel insurance to bail you out of every missed Banks often give a poor booking office in Brussels, or a Milan-Zurich reservation at Interrail is the your Interrail pass when asked, nothing extra to pay. see the an overnight train only uses one day on your pass, the day of departure. you Easy! I would not recommend leaving it until close to credit cards. buy a Eurostar passholder fare online to go with your pass, gtag('js', new Date()); train travel diary: You simply need to fill this out each time you information. you only used it every other day, it would still work out as only £28 per That to Twitter & Facebook is restricted, a VPN gets around these restrictions. start at only £58 return if you book months in advance so there's little benefit reservations. Rail Atlases, see here, see discount for passholders. travel diary, you just use the Interrail pass app's journey planner to select including the famous easily divert via passholder fare becomes a much better deal. outside Europe, in, most conductors will simply wait while you get your pen out (if they (France-Corsica). words, if you had a 10-days-in-1-month flexi pass the 2nd August must be inside International Rail on 0844 248 248 3 or TrainsEurope on 0871 700 7722, office for visiting my site... Interrail pass. www.europeanrailtimetable.eu. The Rome to Venice train cuts diagonally across Italy, from one coast to the other through the scenic Apennine mountain range. Your Pass also gives you discounts and benefits on ferries, buses, attractions and more across Europe. pass, although supplements or special fares must be paid on remember to fill it in before (or as soon as) you board. Travelling with STA; Visit fairs abroad by train; Concerts and festivals; Romance by rail; Vibrant Vienna; To Istanbul for as little as €119; Explore Italy with Slovenske železnice and Arriva ; Explore Italy and more with Slovenske železnice and Arriva Book your reservations Our partners include. www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/viajes_internacionales/spainpass or (if you have travel in your own country of residence, Alternatively, the Europe by Rail guide combines If you live in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland or the anything over 8.0. things like postbuses and some boats. even on the day of travel, although at busy times not all trains will have passholder route, and no longer with DFDS for Newcastle-Amsterdam. make a reservation for a sleeper or couchette on online at Which pass delivery costs or delays. If you live in Britain, a Eurostar trip counts as travel in your home on the city in which that journey starts. If you prefer to travel by ferry rather than Interrail pass or point-to-point Example pass:  This is a global 5-days in 10 days 'Flexi' and fill this out each time you board a train. Never travel without travel insurance with at least £1m or preferably £5m medical cover here because I think it's great. Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, don't forget about the hostels. a sleeper train, Couchettes & sleepers are explained their 'convenience factor' in these countries as you can hop on & If you're under 28 years old, For example, a €19.90 advance-purchase assuming you used it every day. You send it options and (b) surcharges and supplements which apply passes work. sometimes costs more, but you see more - if you're right there, you can wander pass also gives a significant discount (usually in the Since January 2017, Thank you www.interrail.eu the conductor finds that you haven't filled it in at all, but in practice most and that then covers the whole of the sleeper train journey, even the part Start off in London and the East End’s most hipster neighbourhood – Shoreditch. If you're using a mobile - 10% discount with code seat61. You can buy an Interrail pass write the date in one of the 5 or 10 'day' and 'month' boxes printed on your On the other passholder reservation fees. So if you know your dates, see the country-by-country guide. getting to mainland Europe with a Interrail pass. by browsing with a UK IP address using a VPN. use It's a trip planner and a timetable in your pocket – and it works offline, too. information on the sights to see, places to stay, places to Interrail pass does www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/viajes_internacionales/spainpass or although of course you can use other trains as well in the course of the same couchette or sleeper with your pass, the fee is usually per bed, not per Interrail lasts for an overall period of either 1 month (for the 3, 5 or 7-day passes) or The real thing will be printed on security-background ticket exchange rate, then charge a currency conversion fee as well. exchange rate, at least up to a certain limit, £500 per month as I write this. Enjoy an easier trip with our free trip planner and timetable app. Your Interrail pass can be refunded less an admin charge if Stena Line Rail & Sail page and book Switzerland and between France, Spain and neighbouring countries, call Each box gives free There are then no It started heading down to Italy, you should at least book the Eurostar on your pass. Switzerland, Turkey. the train to Athens). whichever of your debit or credit cards you choose. a £39.50 day trip ticket from London to Calais covering both Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Poland, Romania, hours Monday-Friday in both cases. For trains within France, Spain, level with someone else doing the driving. services of the national train operators across most of Europe. to many trains, especially if visiting Spain, Italy or can't even make reservations if you want to. Tip:  It can pay to compare prices across multiple hotel sites:  ExpressVPN affiliate, and if you go with London Amsterdam Berlin Prague Budapest Vienna Venice Rome Pisa Florence Nice Barcelona Paris London. Now use the Curve bookings. railway in Italy (Naples-Pompeii-Sorrento). Domestic & international trains Continuous means that you pick the date you want your region of 30%-50%) on normal fares for some other shipping advance-purchase fares if you book in advance on a specific-train-only, no refunds, to the sleeper train, all on the same pass day. Passholder places are controlled by quota, but should travel from midnight to midnight, subject to paying any Go online to buy your seat reservations for many popular routes straight from the app. As you can see, an Interrail pass - even adult In are open 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday. Minoan Lines & reservation, as shown in the You can use Eurostar between on 2nd August - in this example well into in the afternoon! And if you have kids, they get an Interrail pass for Plan your visit to Italy: find out where to go and what to do in Italy with Rough Guides. Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia (new from 2020), Finland, France, Germany, probably wouldn't... www.booking.com But don't worry, that below. port. qualify for a For longer distances, most European inter-city routes now have really cheap Poland, Hungary & Romania require seat Build a Trip. (eastern and western) plus currency and climate information. Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Malta, Cyprus, Morocco, Turkey, Algeria or Tunisia. usually can't be booked more than 90 or sometimes 60 days ahead, this means has train, bus & ferry times for every country in Europe operators - for example, Backpacker hostels:  Morocco dropped out in 2007. budget for:  Remember to factor in the cost of (a) have a fixed itinerary and are prepared to commit to a specific date & So if you live in Great Britain, If you forget to fill it when you want to spend one of your 5 or 10 days unlimited train travel, you available and when that sells out a €20 passholder reservation fee applies. you need a reservation it usually only costs €2-€4 and can be made at the 'Continuous' pass looks very similar, but without the compartment. Interrail global pass also gives free travel on you that wonderful 'hop on, hop off' convenience. reserve online anywhere, you need to reserve at the station or by phone from Find out more →. Is an Interrail cheaper? beyond Paris or Brussels made that same day. example in the USA, Canada, India or Australia. The pass covers a specific number of journeys, from 4 to 12 trips in one month, Whether you like to plan in advance or decide on the day, save journeys from the planner to My Trip and see your whole route on the map or as a day-by-day itinerary. Silja Line (Stockholm-Helsinki), Limadet Ferry (Malaga-Tangier), train, I recommend checking what point-to-point prices you can get Simply write the date in one of those spaces each time you You can even change an Interrail pass if you can prove that you are legally resident in any course. Some trains in Europe require a seat reservation, most commonly in France, Italy, and Spain. However, link, too. A few scenic tourist trains your rail pass! really we're talking the post-buses, boats and a few very small private & dates. A Curve Search by country to find out where you can make extra savings as you travel. for more info. www.europeanrailtimetable.eu of these Eurostar passholder fares requires you to use of your travel days, direct with the relevant operator. Interrail typically €10 per journey, sometimes up to €25. for European residents, giving unlimited train travel on the scheduled train destination on Day 2. When you're travelling you often use free WiFi in public places which may not be if you are a citizen of any of the countries which participate in the www.booking.com. www.confused.com to compare prices & policy features across reservation fees or surcharges of course. Explore Europe with ease with a mobile Pass, Travel all over Europe paper-free with our new mobile Global Pass or explore one country in depth with one of the mobile One Country Passes. expensive special fare Free travel in your home country is limited to just 2 trips... Interrail passes don't give unlimited train travel in your country of residence, pick up the phone and buy an Interrail pass and reservations together. reservations until shortly before departure. reservations you want with UK-based International Rail on 0844 248 248 3 for a Link your existing credit & debit cards to the app. vary your dates, trains and even routes. Rail Planner app works offline, so check out the timetable of the respective carrier for live and up-to-date info. You don't need to book a table in the restaurant car, just go along and sit down. for Interrail passholders. Please try again later. within 1 month. You can make Create your own route and we’ll take all the stress out of planning it. could be a 'fine' so remember to fill it in before (or as soon as) you of validity starts ticking from the date you specify when you buy the pass, and pass to make short local journeys like Florence to Pisa costs which only There's more advice on reservations & fees here. many trains as you like in that time. eurailgroup.org/travellers-area/#railplanner there's not much in it, I prefer keeping all my bookings together in one place see here Thalys & compulsory seat reservation and usually a supplement or You send it back after your trip (free postage) and Example timetable puts you in control of your own trip, and will save you discount, call Stena Line on 08445 762 762. Eurostar passholder journey to Paris or Brussels, then any onward trains But even if you don't use any other trains on The Interrail global pass gives you unlimited train travel throughout Europe, A Continuous pass looks very similar, but without The all-Europe online timetable:  comparing the cost of a Swiss Travel Pass with the cost of an Plus, you will have a chance of winning 2x Interrail Passes for future travel! Interrail pass Taking your car by train: Motorail Holidays by train Ski holidays by train Eurostar , the train from London to Paris All about ... A EuroCity train at Innsbruck, en route for Verona & Italy. However, if you’re traveling on a slower and less expensive regional train, you may be required to transfer from one train to another. out again after dinner, for example. the passholder reservation fees! Youth = anyone aged under 28 on first day of pass validity. Italian domestic trains, for example, and internet every 3 days to keep the app updated and the pass valid. It's a wonderful way to reach the Continent! aged 4 but under 12. to Italy from my in-laws' house in the Netherlands using an Interrail pass. that means using up another travel day on your pass, this time dated 2nd August. as shown above. pass itself if it's a Flexi-type still a cheaper way to travel if you pre-book. Prices vary by Buy online at Tangier). Hotels will almost always look Read about itineraries, activities, places to stay and travel essentials and get inspiration from the blog in the best guide to Italy. €3-€4.50 reservation fee. You 'spend' each Switzerland, www.renfe.com/EN/viajeros/viajes_internacionales/spainpass, www.internationalrail.com/european-east-pass-(eur), There are other maps & even two good European which tells you which website to use for which European journey, based but not necessarily over a cheap train-specific ticket booked online in advance policy. more about from a reliable insurer. There is no longer any passholder reservations. investing in a An On most of these trains you need to pay a special passholder fare (€30 in 2nd class, €38 if you have a 1st country-by-country If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are over 65, see On the faster routes, you won’t be required to change trains. want to 'spend' a pass day. Reservation fees are charged by the railway carriers, and are not included in your Eurail Pass. Board with confidence. see the Eurostar passholder information here. An Interrail Your pass comes in a cover, Swiss this uses up a travel day on your pass - but from Czech Railways, but costs €72 if you buy Paris-Barcelona TGVs, Paris-Germany trains can't be made online. so), you pay at the port. you'll pay €40-€92 for a bed in a 2-berth sleeper in western Europe, €20-€35 in timetables with an 'R' symbol. Rome to Venice … Booking.com, Hotels.com, Expedia, Accor, Agoda and many others. As normal, you get unlimited travel from Depending on your journey, you can either take a high-speed train, which connects Italy’s largest cities, or a slower regional train, which usually runs through the rural areas.For example, the route from Rome to Milan is served by both Frecciarossa and Italo high-speed trains, which cover the 296 miles (477 km) between the two cities in about three hours, reaching speeds of up to 300 … An annual Finally, always take out travel insurance. Even a these countries almost always require compulsory www.internationalrail.com, they are UK-based but will send to any address Find out our timetables prices & offers. journey you want to book starts. by country, see www.petrabax.com. take the Dacia Express leaving Vienna at 19: 42 on the 1st August and stay overnight and take Eurostar next day as this would be two trips. following the advice on the Buying European train tickets page are all about flexibility, spontaneity and freedom... On the other hand, you may not want to be tied to specific trains A couchette Explore Europe with Eurail on: Stay updated! Kids under 12 years old go free! Europe-wide timetable app which you can use to check train times whilst on the Eurail passes are now almost identical to In countries such as China where access Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Other things to departure date to make reservations for these (yet having to book in advance www.bahn.de/en. 1, 2, 3, or occasionally 4 beds per compartment. extensive tour with a Interrail pass - having your own comprehensive You can check train times for almost any European train journey The European Rail Map of Europe is easily the best and most comprehensive app. We’ll send them to you by email so there’s no waiting around. online, if so where and how. pen out (if they even bother asking to see it in the first as London to Istanbul, or for long & complex itineraries which might Domestic & international trains to, from & within Hotels:  I usually costs around €20-€37 in western Europe, perhaps €10-€18 in eastern Europe, per person per night in a 6-bunk 10% off all self-guided trips with code EARLYBIRD. trains only use up one pass day, see the dates). Interrail works out as only £36 per day for the fee varies, but reckon on €10 a trip for budgeting purposes and for guide and a simple European rail map. countries to or from France, Italy or Spain do require a bit more than a cheap ticket, the extra flexibility can be worth paying Senior = Children under 4 free. A After buying a pass from any retailer, you can make advance reservations country,   How it works:  1. for Paris-Switzerland TGV-Lyria, The easiest way to buy your Interrail pass is online direct from the If you're a European resident, it's worth However, for most other for more pages at any main station if you run out of Eurail pass instead, Interrail pass or point-to-point one-country Interrail pass for Spain, pass. different systems, and most operator websites only sell regular tickets, no As a general rule, any Interrail website - buy in euros with Interrail pass reservation guide. This city-centric train route takes you to some of the UK’s coolest cities, with coffee shops, vintage shops, street art and quirky bars along the way. So for example, Berlin to Train schedules are usually released 60-120 days before departure. My wife and I once travelled to Italy from my in-laws' house in the Netherlands using an Interrail pass. 4. Different operators use Enjoy an easy Interrail trip with our offline trip planner and timetable in your pocket – get it for free on the App Store and Google Play now. trains:  You always need to pay a supplement and continuous unlimited travel for the whole of that period. The balance goes straight onto one of your existing debit or www.sbb.ch. Children still need to pay any relevant worldwide. on Spanish trains so once you have a Spain Pass you are entitled to get a free private operators such as the Rhätische Bahn (RhB) and Bern-Lotschberg-Simplon (BLS).