German Spitz owners need to be consistent in teaching their Spitz to accept “no.”. Treatment ranges from weight management and medication to surgical implants that hold the windpipe open. Good luck trying not to laugh when she outsmarts you! This breed loves having a vantage point, and the more they see, the more likely they are to yap. Her natural German Spitz temperament includes the instinct to bark, which makes sense with the watchdog breeding in her heritage; see German Spitz History below. You will need to teach her very young when it is appropriate to bark and to stand down when commanded. Daher eignet er sich für viele Aktivitäten, vom Fahrrad fahren, Agility, Wandern bis hin zu Sportarten mit der Nase oder zeigt viel Freude an Tricks. Moreover, the German Spitz is prone to tracheal collapse, making harnesses that wrap around the chest the best option for susceptible dog breeds. A happy dog that is very loyal and extremely devoted to his family. The German Spitz’s temperament traits are a mixture of the delightful and the challenging. Fila Brasileiro Temperament (Aggressive, Territorial) Can You Handle It? The German Spitz has a thick double coat that can be found in a variety of colors. They are a perfect family dog, they love to be in the company of their human counterparts. Highlights: Attentive, Loyal, Energetic. Height – Smaller German Spitz type would weigh between 8 and 22 pounds while a medium sized dog would be around 24 to 26 pounds. German Spitzes may love to bark, but this doesn’t often communicate complex emotions to us. If you can arrange to have one shipped to you, the cost will be even higher. If your pet’s tail is higher than its neutral position, it is feeling confident, perhaps even aggressive. If you’ve ever spotted a canine at the dog park that doesn’t quite look like a Pomeranian but also doesn’t really resemble a Keeshond, it’s probably a German Spitz! All of these canines play a crucial part in each other’s foundation, though many of the specifics are no longer known. Its small…, The Lhasa Apso is a charming small dog hailing from Tibetan monasteries. Alert and vocal with a keen sense of hearing, the breed has long been characterized and valued as a valiant defender of field and home. This airway obstruction causes a chronic cough that sounds like honking. These activities will get your Spitz the exertion it needs, and it can also cut down on anxious behavior during fireworks or thunderstorms. Temperament. There is no official rescue group for the German Spitz, but there is both a Spitz Facebook. If you cannot remove whatever stimulus is causing your dog to bark, try desensitizing them to that stimulus. The German Spitz, characterized by a fun-loving and energetic disposition, will make you laugh with its antics. Next post: Fila Brasileiro Temperament (Aggressive, Territorial) Can You Handle It? (AKC) is the largest kennel club in the world. No problem! Consistency in training is the key to dealing with potential German Spitz temperament issues. The Spanish Mastiff Temperament (Fearless, Protective) A Helpful Breed Guide. Fortunately, the German Spitz’s intelligence gives it an impressive potential for trainability. Size – A medium sized German Spitz would be 12 -15 inches tall at the shoulder. It is descended from Nordic dogs, the Lapphund and the Samoyed. The German Spitz can vary in size since there are three different forms of the breed, according to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. This little dog likes to be in charge. You will need to be more stubborn (or cagier) than she is. The three types (and German Spitz size) that all seem to agree on are: Many Europeans consider the Keeshond (or Wolfspitz, larger than the Giant Spitz) to be a German Spitz type, but the American Kennel Club (AKC) considers it a separate breed. The German Spitz is still a rare breed in the US. Although most people are usually healthy, some people may experience some health problems, which is why it is important to maintain good care and regular veterinary inspections. If you’re not careful, though, she will come to believe that you are her pet. Canines need distinct, recognizable commands and consistent behavioral training. Deutsche Spitze. Many German Spitz behaviors that can be so delightful, though, can turn into challenges without proper training. Fortunately, dogs tend to be fun workout partners! With the support of aficionados and the multi-national. Some health problems to look out for include: This can be a problem, especially in the Klein. Although the Deutscher Spitz is friendly toward its family, it may be suspicious of strangers. Formerly, though, the German Spitz was a working dog used by foragers in Europe and possess keen outdoors instincts, great sight and the ability to … Once the animal starts yapping, however, repeat the command and give them a calming treat when they fall quiet. This depends somewhat on size, with the German Miniature Spitz having a slightly longer life expectancy than the Giant Spitz. The German Spitz that we’re referring to also has multiple names! Coming in cream, brown, orange, black, and white, German Spitzes have many different looks. Well-behaved, companion german spitzs can be a blessing to own. German Spitz. Again, this breed has the natural temperament to be a lovely companion dog. He has written for comedy, health, wellness, pet care, and entertainment. The German Spitz needs a lot of attention. This makes her an ideal companion dog. The snout is on the longer side. in Breed Info. This breed has a gorgeous, fluffy coat that needs brushing two to three times a week. Petfinder has filters for these criteria and many more. This is an intelligent breed that can be easy to train. German Spitz Temperament. Some Spitzes were also bred as watchdogs. The body language of many human emotions mimics that of a dog, such as tense muscles to show anger. Separation anxiety can be a problem for the German Spitz. Herkunftsland: Deutschland. The German Spitz’s tail naturally curls over its back, and this is called its neutral position. This little charmer captures attention because of her engaging and happy disposition. Use quality canine shampoo and conditioner, and a washcloth to claean around the face. Most of these traits, though, are preventable with proper training started early. Look no further than the German Spitz! The good news is that their coats are not oily, so they don’t need frequent baths. Finding the perfect bed for your furry friend starts by paying attention to the pieces of furniture in your home that your pet likes best. Their high prey drive from years of farm work has resulted in a canine that can go from curling up on the couch to bounding across the yard at the drop of a hat. Instead, a dog’s food should be determined by its weight and daily activity level. Er ist sportlich, agil und liebt Bewegung. The German Spitz’s temperament traits are a mixture of the delightful and the challenging. During shedding season, which happens twice a year during spring and fall, a German Spitz needs to be brushed daily. Is your pet always snoozing on the carpet? The health of the German Spitz relies on the same standard pet care that all breeds benefit from. As with most products, you get what you pay for. Deutscher Spitz is merely the German translation of this breed’s name. German Spitz’s are generally healthy and not susceptible to many health problems. You may be wondering why the German Spitz goes by so many different names. Because of their intelligence, German Spitzes are easy to train. Your vet can test your dog to find out if she has the gene that causes PRA. As you introduce your furry friend to a child, pay close attention to the dog’s body language. Temperament The German Spitz is the perfect family dog, they love to be in the company of their human counterparts and will thrive when around people. Her natural temperament is: Because of their intelligence, German Spitzes are easy to train. Detangler or conditioning sprays can also keep the Spitz’s hair from matting. His online resource contains Hundreds of Excellent Dog Training Videos that will take you step-by-step through the process of developing a healthy, happy well-behaved dog. The German Spitz wants nothing more than to be near her humans. Spitzes of all types were used as watchdogs in homes, as well as on farms and boats. German Spitz Temperament This fun-loving German Spitz dog is not just known for its affectionate nature but is also famous for its bossy and leadership characteristic. You will want to brush them more often during this time to help remove all of the undercoat. Find similarities and differences between Japanese Spitz vs German Spitz. Treatment for patellar luxation depends on the severity of each dog’s case. This includes daily exercise, good food, constant access to water, socialization with other pets or people, and lots of love from their owner! Though the larger size of this breed is considered endangered, the German Spitz is not. Don’t try to soak the dog’s body with the spray! Seizures can affect any dog breed, and they may be caused by several different reasons. She has a dominant personality, so she needs to learn from the beginning that all humans are pack leaders. The main difference among the types is size. When your pet is quiet, say “Quiet” in a firm voice. Common German Spitz colors are white, cream, orange, red, brown, gray, and black. They are very smart and many owners describe them as having a sense of humor. However, small breeds are often prone to conditions such as a collapsed trachea, patellar luxation, and retinal dysplasia. A German Spitz puppy should not be given the same food as an adult. The German Spitz is a true Nordic breed with a short, compact and square body, prick ears, beautiful coat and tail that curls over his back. , and obstacle courses manageable for the indoors. This is especially important in homes with children. Since the German Spitz loves to bark, you don’t need to worry about whether or not your pet is getting enough exercise. Known in its native land as the Deutscher Spitz, this breed is the oldest to come out of Central Europe. Spitz ist vom Aussterben bedroht. The Toy German Spitz was imported to England from Pomerania, Germany, over 100 years ago and adopted the pseudonym Pomeranian. Dog food, whether it be for a puppy or an adult,  should have all of the necessary proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins that canines need to live healthily. Die Theorie, dass die Familie der Spitzartigen von dem prähistorischen Torfhund abstammt, gilt heute als überholt. The Klein Spitz, the smallest type of this breed, typically grows to a height of 11-15 inches and a weight of 21-23 pounds. Long periods of barking could be a sign of pent-up energy, so make sure your German Spitz is getting the exercise it needs. Yelling at a dog to be quiet is often ineffective, but they can be taught to associate a verbal command with silence. This is because the Spitz has seen dwindling numbers since the early 20th century. She will love to challenge you to see what she can get away with. Since these are small dogs, they can be easily overexcited by children, especially those that have not been taught how to handle a canine. She enjoys a short walk every day, but she doesn’t need a lot of exercise outside of the home. Because of this, many breeders gave their German Spitzes a new name, and some became known as the American Eskimo Dog. All German Spitz found here are from AKC-Registered parents. As you’re grooming, check the dog’s body for signs of infection or bumps and report any abnormalities to your veterinarian at the next checkup. Currently, the German Spitz does not have an official breed club, but that is what the FSS aims to change.