And in the case of the small robots too, the gecko tape is keeping its promises. Semester im Bachelorstudium Mechatronik ) in der Biomechatronik spezialisieren. But we have established that only 15 per cent of the power comes from the trunk. For urgent enquiries please call us at the telephone number below. In order to achieve this, experts from the different specialist areas pool their knowledge, for bionics always requires interdisciplinary cooperation. The force is then distributed over a wider area – and according to the manufacturer, the greater the contact pressure, the more effectively this occurs. The gripper is constructed in such a way that it curves and curls round a pressure point like the fin, and so adapts to the object which it wants to grip. contact email phone +49 3677 69 2863 fax +49 3677 69 1311. Bionik-Gebäude Gustav-Kirchhoff-Straße 2 98693 Ilmenau Betreiber: Technische Universität Ilmenau Bionik building, room 224. Formschlüssige Welle-Nabe-Verbindungen wie Passfeder-, Vielnut- oder die im vorhergehenden Kapitel ebenfalls behandelten Zahnwellen oder Polygonprofile übertragen im Normalfall keine Axialkräfte, Welle und Nabe sind also in axialer Richtung relativ zueinander verschieblich. We're working hard to finish the development of this site. Cardiology laboratory Bionik building, room 19. Prior to joining Bionik, Dr. Dusseux was President of Europe and a director for Auregen BioTherapeutics SA, a 3D bioprinting tissue engineering biotechnology company headquartered in Switzerland, that he formed while at Bemido SA, a family office, with the support of Gurnet Point Capital and Waypoint. Already in the year of 1953 the Institute of Electromedical and Radiological Engineering was established at the former “Hochschule für Elektrotechnik” (HfE), which was the first university institute in Europe that introduced an on-campus program of Biomedical Engineering. The inventor of hook and loop tape, for example, was inspired by burrs from hooked bristlegrass. Welcome to the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics at the TU Ilmenau The Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics (BMTI) is working in the field of research and development of technique-oriented methods and systems for early detection, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation in … Courses. For the bionics engineers want to transfer the principle of movement of the rat to a robot system, and not to copy nature one to one. They develop ideas and launch initiatives – which then have to be taken up by industry. The secret behind this adhesive strength consists of attractive forces on the molecular level, which act between the hairs and the surfaces. Volume monductor modelling; Simulations of bio-electromagnetic fields; Realization and test of phantom components; … “It was only the fact that pliable mechanisms have been adopted in the area of robotics that has led to the idea of ‘human-friendly robotics’ being taken seriously and put into practice”, says Witte. TU Ilmenau Institut BMTI POB 100565 98684 Ilmenau Bionik building room 2108 The solution found by the engineers: polyamide instead of metal, compressed air instead of rigid construction. A principle from which the developers at Festo wanted to learn. “If I can find technical solutions, they should not be an additional burden, but must simply fit in with my needs.” For this is also a central ambition of bionics: to approach and develop technology in such a way that it adapts to we humans – and we no longer have to adapt to technology. The biomechatronics experts from Ilmenau also built a small robot crawler during the project. with regard to the production of biogas; cleaning contaminated and polluted soils and waters; the reprocessing of valuable raw materials e.g. The challenge: the robot arm should be as yielding as possible, in order not to injure human beings, and at the same time it should be stiff enough to perform its tasks. This makes it enormously mobile and flexible and means that the elephant can use the considerable strength of its elongated nose very delicately in order to pick up even the smallest objects. Im vorangegangenen Kapitel wurde auf die Gestaltabweichungen eingegangen, welche die Feingestalt eines Bauteiles betreffenden. Degree Students; Exchange Students; Postgraduates & Scientists; International Student Service; Students; Scientists & Postgraduates; Staff members; Alumni; Come in. And it is by no means the only project of the automation experts from Baden-Württemberg which follows bionic principles. But the “ratnic” weighs in at just 1.1 kilos and therefore according to its makers consumes 75 per cent less energy than a conventional robot. The TentacleGripper adopts the mechanisms of an octopus arm. Bionics, a new concept created from the words biology and electronics, means systematic transfer of mechanisms and processes from nature to the worlds of engineering and technology. The “ratnic”, which is both small and light, can climb to places where up to now it has been too cramped or too steep for access by human beings and existing service robots. TU Darmstadt ULB TUbiblio Design and application of a 3 DOF bionic robot arm Klug, S.; Möhl, B.; Stryk, Oskar von; Barth, O. Although the researchers working around the biologist Prof. Dr. Martin S. Fischer have been investigatig the movement of small mammals for many years, this X-ray procedure led to new and surprising revelations. The tracks consist of so-called gecko tape, which was developed by biologist Prof. Dr. Stanislav Gorb. If a different person wants to use them, it tends to be difficult, says Witte. IMT’s modular, “gym-of-robots” systems approach to neurorehabilitation is the only system designed to optimize the use of robotics for neurorehabilitation in a manner that is consistent with the latest clinical research and neuroscience, taking into account the latest understandings on motor learning interference and motor memory consolidation. Bionik is building a dynamic team to develop new transformational technologies and solutions for individuals with neurological disorders. For example, the ratnic could crawl through cable ducts in order to search for cable damage with a miniature camera. At the TU Ilmenau, bionics is taught at the newly established department of biomechatronics of the faculty of structural engineering. For this, the climbing skills of the rat were first thoroughly explored by the zoologists from Jena University, using high/speed X-ray apparatus, and allowing rats to scramble upwards In front of it. It rather consists of a smaller front section and larger rear section, which are connected by means of a movable backbone of aluminium rods. The idea behind it: apart from the human hand, there is hardly any gripping organ in nature as multifunctional as an elephant’s trunk. Our main focus is the development of technologies for: the efficient use of regenerative energies e.g. Instead, thousands of small adhesive hairs on their feet provide an incredibly strong grip. Zusammenfassung. Together with biologists from Jena University and the Ilmenau robotics company Tetra, the engineers have for example constructed a climbing robot within the “InspiRat” project. Das Fachgebiet Biomechatronik koordiniert dabei den TMS - laboratory Bionik building, room 12. Zusammenfassung. Festo has told us that the gripper, now prepared for mass production, is already being used in the food industry in order to sort fruit and vegetables. In a project which is set to last three years and is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to the tune of around 1.5 million euros, the scientists now wish to prove that this process can also prove its worth in practice. The ratnic robot – which is built of aluminium tubes, springs and pulleys – does not really look like the sentient creature from which it takes its name. The approach of the bionics engineers is to measure the activity of the arm muscles in order to control the supporting movement of the electronic lifting aid. If you were hoping to crawl over the ceiling like Spiderman in the near future, unfortunately you will have to wait a bit longer. But a peanut is not offered in exchange. Das vorliegende Kapitel beschäftigt sich jetzt mit den Gestaltabweichungen, welche die Grobgestalt betreffen. Our target launch date is June 2021! We are seeking highly motivated individuals who enjoy working in a high paced, collaborative and goal-oriented environment. Durch die Studienmöglichkeiten in Biomechatronik sowohl im Bachelor als auch im Master kann man sich in Ilmenau über vier Jahre (ab dem 3. “Muscle physiologists have demonstrated that it is possible to recognise what the muscle is about to do”, explains Witte. Flying, swimming, climbing, eating without being eaten – since the beginning of time, living organisms have developed successful strategies in order to adapt to their environment. Seminar TMS/tDCS (Lecture: Methods of biomedical metrology) Seminar Electrodes (Lecture: Fundamentals of medical measurement technology) Topics for student projects. Evidence-based Evaluation and Treatment for Arm Impairments from Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, and Parkinson's disease. Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering at the TU Ilmenau Bioelectromagnetism: Teaching. Therefore they work in similar way to suction cups, which further strengthens the molecular adhesive effect. For example, the “FlexShapeGripper” is based on the tongue of a chameleon, while the “TentacleGripper” is inspired by an octopus tentacle. This gripper could give older or disabled people a hand with everyday life in future. As far as robotics is concerned, this combination of bionic functional principles and the associated lightweight construction represents a true leap forward. Go Out . Bionik Power Commuter™ - Travel Case with 10,000 mAh Battery Pack - Compatible with Nintendo Switch™ and Switch Lite™ The Power Commuter™ bag features a removable rechargeable 10,000 mAh battery pack with a built-in USB-C™ cable and USB-A output that is ideal for gamers on-the-go. The TU Ilmenau has a long and successful tradition in the field of biomedical engineering. Our goal is to enable the growing millions of people with movement-impairments to lead fuller and more independent lives by fostering hope, recovery and independence with evidence-based technologies, spanning the continuum of rehabilitation care. InMotion Robotic Assisted Therapy by BIONIK. Die meisten Getriebe-Anwendungen beschränken sich auf Zahnradgetriebe; deshalb wird in diesem Kapitel ausschließlich auf die Darstellung von Zahnrädern eingegangen.Die Darstellung der übrigen Getriebearten erfolgt entsprechend den bereits zu Beginn erläuterten Regeln. This means that the gripper can even pick up sensitive objects such as fruits, light bulbs or chocolate eggs without crushing them. “In fact, we had already reached agreement with a solar panel manufacturer”, explains Witte. One of these partners is the Technical University in Ilmenau. Spiderman will remain a cinema and comic book hero for now. : Meyers Taschenlexikon Bionik . But then the company went bankrupt and the plan had to be put to one side. And the gripper which the robot arm used in order to pass the apple to the German Chancellor is also based on a living creature: the so-called “FinGripper“ imitates the tail fin of a bony fish, or teleost. How robots will work with people in the future. And in contrast to the human hand, a trunk does not contain any bone structure, but 40,000 muscles. 3rd Intl. And bionics is also gaining ever more ground in the area of robotics. The benefit of the adhesive, which is similar to silicone, is that it adheres equally well to smooth, uneven, slippery and damp surfaces and does not leave any residues behind – so in contrast to traditional adhesive tape it is simple to wash off. Ophthalmological laboratoryBionik building, room 224, Optics laboratory Bionik building, room 204, Electrophysiological laboratory Bionik building, room 17, Cardiology laboratoryBionik building, room 19, TMS - laboratory Bionik building, room 12, Electronics laboratory Bionik building, room 10, X-ray laboratory Bionik building, room 209, Nuclear laboratory Bionik building, room 205, Chemical laboratory Bionik building, room 14, Practical training laboratory Bionik building, room 18b, Video: Laboratories of the BMTI institute, Fakultät für Informatik und Automatisierung. Combined with a special structure, this brings new advantages which real elephants could only dream of: if an object is actually beyond reach, a puff of compressed air is sufficient to elongate the trunk from 70 to 110 centimetres in a fraction of a second. Die TU Ilmenau hat 2002 Deutschlands erste und bisher einzige Professur ”Biomechatronik” geschaffen. Das Studienangebot ist „konsekutiv“, die Inhalte des Masterstudiums bauen auf jenen des Bachelorstudiums auf. BIONIK is a global pioneering healthcare company on a mission to supply quality-of-life solutions to those with movement impairments. Hartmut Witte is Professor of Biomechatronics at the Technical University in Ilmenau. Dichtungen können danach unterteilt werden, ob sie in zueinander ruhenden oder zueinander bewegten Teilen eingesetzt werden. Technisches Zeichnen ist eine Möglichkeit, Formen und Gedanken bildhaft darzustellen. This means that it can be reused as often as desired. The structure of so-called cobots – collaborative robots which are intended to work hand in hand with humans – would never have been possible without the bionic projects. Within the household, industry or in the medical area however, the adhesive film could be extremely useful. Of course such electronic or mechanical lifting aids are not completely new. Some exoskeletons are set up for a specific application or are modified to suit one individual person. Evidence-based Evaluation and Treatment for Arm Impairments from Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, and Parkinson's disease. Here, in the specialist area of biomechatronics, researchers are working on the development and improvement of mechatronic products and processes, using knowledge gained from biology and medicine. Zusätzlich zur reinen Darstellung der Geometrie müssen Eintragungen in Technischen Zeichnungen vorgenommen werden, die über die reine Wiedergabe der Geometrie hinausgehen. Electrophysiological laboratory Bionik building, room 17. “The smaller the creature, the better it can make use of adhesive effects like these”, explains biomechatronics engineer Hartmut Witte. TU Ilmenau (Homelink) International. Welcome to the Technische Universität Ilmenau. In the beginning it was thought that the robot crawler could be used for cleaning solar panels. 02/2006: Degree in Computer Science, Ilmenau University of Technology, specialisation in Biomedical Engineering : since 03/2006: Member of a research staff, Institute of … Weiterer Titel: Nebent. The crawler has its tracks to thank for the fact that it can travel up both sloping and flat surfaces without slipping down. Within the network, Festo as a manufacturing company works with various research institutions from Germany, Austria, Norway and the Netherlands. In his time, Otto Lilienthal, for example, observed birds, then optimised his flying machine and so was the first human being to become airborne. With his colleagues and students, Witte – who is also a mechanical engineer and a doctor specialising in anatomy – is concerned with the question of how technical systems can be developed and optimised using biological and medical knowledge. The remaining 85 per cent is generated by the muscles of the extremities”, explains biomechatronics engineer Witte. Even a human being can be hung from the ceiling using the adhesive material, as the researchers have demonstrated themselves. So it is logical and clear that inventive engineers try to transfer such processes and mechanisms to the field of engineering and technology. They already support human beings who are learning to walk again following an accident, or they help workers in industry to lift heavy weights. Here you can find important information about study and research opportunities. At the institute BMTI 10 different laboratories are available for research as well as educational purposes. Starting with lightweight construction, in other words the development of materials which are based on the light yet stable bone structure or indeed the adhesive powers of small living creatures, up to the use of pliable systems such as those that are used in the elephant’s trunk from Festo. The “robot rat” reaches places which people cannot. These creatures have one thing in common: they do not need any glue in order to walk safely across the ceiling. But even if some bionic projects are still waiting for the commercial breakthrough, they have already brought the story of robotics forward on many levels, says Hartmut Witte. And this is quite normal and logical: the rule of thumb is that if bionics are involved, they cannot be seen from the outside”, explains Witte. Es wurde bereits festgestellt, dass die Technische Zeichnung ein gegenüber der Realität abstrahiertes Abbild des zu realisierenden Bauteiles bzw. The purpose behind it: the greatest possible degree of “biocompatibility”, as Hartmut Witte puts it. Meyers Taschenlexikon Bionik . The research scientist from the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel (CAU) has been studying the adhesion mechanisms of geckos, spiders and beetles for many years. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. In the meantime, Festo has developed the robot arm further over several generations. Prior to joining Bionik, Dr. Dusseux was President of Europe and a director for Auregen BioTherapeutics SA, a 3D bioprinting tissue engineering biotechnology company headquartered in Switzerland, that he formed while at Bemido SA, a family office, with the support of Gurnet Point Capital and Waypoint. Classes in bionics can be taken in combination with courses in mechanics and electronics. Together with the company Gottlieb Binder, which specialises in fixing technology, the researchers from Kiel have introduced the gecko tape onto the market. But the cooperation between man and machine is still not completely smooth and easy. Enjoy the Latest Technological Capabilities with Bionik’s New Techno The grey trunk cautiously reaches for the apple on the floor of the box, lifts it up carefully and passes it to Angela Merkel, who takes it with obvious pleasure. Hartmut Witte, Professor of Biomechatronics at the Technical University in Ilmenau In a project which is set to last three years and is financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research to the tune of around 1.5 million euros, the scientists now wish to prove that this process can also prove its worth in practice. While the grippers of the rear part of the body hold onto a vertical tube, the front part pushes upwards and holds fast before the rear part follows on. “Before we started the project, the lightest robot on the market weighed 35 kilograms”, says Hartmut Witte. If a project partner falls away, a promising idea may have to be shelved. Under the microscope, they look like mushrooms with a dent in the top. Zusammenfassung. Zusammenfassung. The inspiration for the gecko tape was provided by the adhesive hairs of some special types of beetle. (2005): Design and application of a 3 DOF bionic robot arm. InMotion Robotic Assisted Therapy by BIONIK. Laboratory for electrophysiology (Bionik, R1700) The Electrophysiology Laboratory provides the infrastructure for a variety of non-invasive examination possibilities of electrical processes on … Electronics laboratory Bionik building, room 10 . Das Produkt – die Technische Zeichnung – dient als Informationsträger, als Verständigungsmittel zwischen den einzelnen Abteilungen innerhalb eines Unternehmens und nach außen für die Fremdfertigung in anderen Fabrikationsstätten, wie Bild 1-1 veranschaulicht. X-ray laboratory Bionik building, room 209. “The exoskeletons of today are all reactive.” In other words, they register that the user is pushing in a certain direction, and then follow this with a short delay. “And bionics is a method which helps to promote this ability to form associations and to systematise them and to put the stimulus for the development of technical products onto a broader footing”, explains Witte. “In the field of research, we assumed for a long time that the trunk muscles did the most work when rats were climbing. Universities generally do not have the money or the staff in order to develop a robot up to the production stage. Fachgebiet Biomechatronik - Technische Universität Ilmenau Bionik-Kompetenznetz. MWK Bionik® GmbH stands for the innovative combination of biology and technology. “If I can find technical solutions, they should not be an additional burden, but must simply fit in with my needs.”. Verwendung der Kenntnisse in der Praxis Arten der Bionik Geschichte der Bionik Arten der Bionik Bewegungsbionik -Laufen, Schwimmen, Fliegen = Hauptbewegungsformen im Tierreich -Fragen der Strömungsanpassung Antriebsmechanismus von Bewegungsorganen stehen im Vordergrund “Engineers have always taken some of their ideas from nature”, says Hartmut Witte, head of the Biomechatronics Department. TÜV NORD GROUPAm TÜV 130519 Hannover+49 511, © Festo AG & Co. KG, alle Rechte vorbehalten. These projects came into being during within the “Bionic Learning Network”, instigated by Festo in 2006. der Baugruppe ist. The trunk was in fact a robotic arm, whose manufacturer Festo was inspired by a natural model. This is a problem that scientists have to deal with again and again. Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Informatics. So bionics is not intended to invent technology afresh, but to find nature-based solutions to technical problems which so far have not been capable of resolution by conventional methods. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. “It was only the fact that pliable mechanisms have been adopted in the area of robotics that has led to the idea of ‘human-friendly robotics’ being taken seriously and put into practice”, Hartmut Witte, Professor of Biomechatronics at the Technical University in Ilmenau.

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