I was curious if you’ve ever considered getting a cat or barn car to control vermin? We also have heated floors as a backup fueled by propane (which we try not to use much of).$$ I am nearing 70 and work from home, so lots of time for fishing and back country skiing. And i am not a commenteer or blog-adder (new words maybe … since i’m dutch and it’s common for us to garble words maybe it’s appriciated a bit), i hate writing comments. I intend to build a straw bale house ,off grid setup in a unorganized township. is there requirements of citizenship? My husband and I watch your videos. We’ve always loved your long-form videos. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Shawn, love the channel. I wanted that for my 2 boys so 35 years ago we bought some acreage in northern Michigan’s Emmett county in the tip of the lower peninsula. I just kinda ran across you on YouTube and I was intrigued by what you do. She is awesome. All the best for 2020 and all the best to you and your family. As you might guess I really don’t have the proper clothing nor know exactly what to expect for living daily life there. And one more tidbit. !”, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Thank you. Avid outdoorsman who is famous for his My Self Reliance YouTube channel. My wife would like to know where she can get your coffee cup? A sincere fan from the SC wilderness 🙂, Shawn….you have clearly ” considered the ant”, Do you plan or have you built a water tower storage for you log cabin or sauna ie. Take Care! And finally, falling into bed at night, exhausted from the day’s work.. 16,996 talking about this. Apparently, you have a drone with a video camera. I was born and had my childhood years around the Adirondack Mountains. Hello Mr. James . Oh… And give that Cali a big hug from my wife and me! I enjoy seeing sneak peeks of your family, I wonder if your family have a channel on how life for them is during your stay and building at the cabin. Keep up the good work, its nice to see you and your wife enjoying the lifestyle. Thank you. I am grateful for your deeply deeply satisfying, living example of beautiful X. Hello! One hive would produce 20-40 pounds of honey per season and I am sure you are aware of the benefits bees provide to the natural environment…. I recently watched your ice fishing video. He lived in the wilderness for 30 years . Shawn shares his insights into how his passion developed into his show about living off the grid in the Canadian Wilderness. At twenty years of age, I sold that property for more than double what I paid for it and invested the profit in five and a half acres on the mainland of the same lake. For more updates please visit MySelfReliance.com Copyright 2020 MySelfReliance.com  |  All Rights Reserved Â, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3mjpM6Av4bxbxps_Gh5YPw, https://www.wikihow.com/Grow-Mushrooms-Indoors. J’attends que mes enfants soient plus grands pour peut-être leur faire profiter d’expériences en pleine nature. My husband grew up on a 300 acre farm and had wonderful stories to tell of his childhood as one of 9 children raised in the most wholesome environment of hard work and love. Each show lifts my spirits as I pretend I am in the woods also.  I’ll show you exactly how I designed my self reliant life. Your videos are amazing. I was in search of videos on how to construct a hewn log home and ran across your videos. I am a mechanical engineer and I identify with you for liking tools, I have this fatal attraction. Plan to retire on a plot of land with a used & re-insulated mobile home.. Grow a garden, implement a humanure waste system and enjoy the wilderness till I die while sleeping my mobile home! My goal is to inspire you to attain your own self reliance so you can follow your passions and live your best life. What an attuned pair you are! I am dying to find out whose band / composer and title of the music score intro of your show. Ha ha! Hello Shawn: Hi Shawn I am messaging him your story in hopes he will be inspired. 1 – I was not motivated by money or status beyond meeting my baseline needs. He was an amazing guy who built his cabin by himself like you. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Our one power tool: a 14″ chainsaw. I am a public servant and work in the city but I’ve also been a hunting guide and archery hunter for over 20 years and have practiced some “bush craft” as well. Oh… and I’ve been inspired by your videos too. My Self-Reliance; This post contains affiliate links. I was particularly interested in your appreciation for Dick Proenneke’s “Alone in the Wilderness” and I am sure you have honoured his memory well. I found a woodshed kit at Wick’s Lumber and in one week we turned it into a 12 x 20 cabin. I recently got a tattoo reminding me of home and discovered your videos about 3 weeks after that while lost on YouTube, and continued to binge watch for hours. If someone could let me know that would be great. The area between Sundridge/South River and Algonquin seems perfect. My wife and I would loved to get are hands on a couple “Cabin Life” T-shirts. Good Day Shawn. Now in my mid-forties, I’m living the life of my dreams. Nous aimons notre confort dans notre région très touristique mais je fuis la foule et je préfère la vie au calme. lol Sean . I am an Irish male 53 years old and fit, looking to come to Canada very soon and would like to know if you would like some free help. You showed we can be happy, live healthy and be free if we want. I love the woods, but sadly, too old now. I discovered your youtube videos yesterday and have been really enjoying them! From Doc’s vast studies, he has determined that the human body requires 90 essential nutrients everyday, 60 of which are minerals. Dream. This has given me courage to back away when things weren’t right for me. Your calm patience and perseverance are an inspiration and help me not to get too discouraged. While it is true that returning the minerals to the soil is as rich as you could make it, given the originally available minerals to the soil mandates that the minerals that are not there originally will still be missing from your soil. This thing or things I would do even if I was not being paid to do them. I am interested in learning how to build a log home. I wish you and your family the very best, good luck, health and blessings of God. I used to watch them to “escape” for a while and your videos are filing the same niche so thanks. Online. the need to be surrounded by nature Thanks for your good video about your life on your cabinet ,you doing great job keep going enjoy. In that short period of ‘privelige and clarity’ I realised two life changnig things in the first 18 months of that experience of being on the path to ‘so called success and wealth’. He lived in Alaska for 30 years in a log cabin he built by himself. At 75, I have been concerned that today’s generation is so dependent on electronics and government for their existence that there could be a massive die-off and total panic if the bottom fell out and people actually HAD TO rely on their own knowledge and skills as well as good judgement and/or problem solving. Cali is a fine dog. Long story short, I came back because I wasn’t successful. My wife is in the USAF we have spent the better part of the last 2 years not really getting to spend much time together so I am walking away from a highly stressful job as a contractor for the USAF to be with her. Thank you for the video; it reminded me of working with my father — an industrious farmer who, much to his chagrin, had no sons and 3 daughters! I am not interested in buying a kit ,but have the experience of doing everything from what is on the property. ... Share your own stories of self-reliance, fishing, hunting, outdoor cooking and everything else you think is appropriate for a self-reliance forum. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. In the ethers and cosmic scheme of things, I am sure your life necessarily counters the Great fun! I’ve been researching potager gardens for awhile and yours looks perfect. I almost have enough money saved to buy my property here in Virginia. Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. My wife and I enjoy our Saturday mornings watching 1 or 2 of your videos. So financial independence has been my thing for 16 years. Lets do an episode in Mt Olympus, the home of Greek gods! This is the only aspect I can feel is left to add to what you are already offering (which is a complete package of skills, appreciation for the perfection of nature, and the sensibility to present all of this within an aesthetic framework). “Gear and Advice” is where you will learn what gear I use and recommend, and how I do things like camp, hunt, forage and cook wild foods and more. Fast forward a few years and I purchased his videos. I’m excited to see the future of your home and the surrounding property (as well as Cali of course) and am very thankful you decided to share with us mere mortals. Heard you mentioned on Rogan podcast. My Self Reliance (Shawn James) If you haven’t seen this guy’s YouTube Channel – My Self Reliance – you should check it out. Hi Shawn ,I believe you are using a Berkey water system at the cabin ,Can I get your opinion of it and do you use one at home?Do you haul water in with you or use lake water.Not sure if you have talked about your water situation at the cabin in one of the videos.Anyways I really enjoy your videos.Thanks Rick, Bonjour Shawn! But yet still i would like to reach you with my writing, eventhough i know you have over a million followers i will try to reach you in any way. I think that getting it right on the second go is good, but failing should be unacceptable. Hi Shawn, I have been trying to contact you without success! My childhood was very different, but I too had exposure to the wholesome outdoors during the summer months where my family enjoyed living on a Lake in a small rustic cabin built by my Grandfather. Members. It s really amazing, i m so impressed by all you ve done !! It can help to give a sequence by numbering them. Shawn. We both love the outdoor and use to camp a lot when we were younger. If we needed something, we usually had to figure out how to make it or fix what was broken. I think some woodsman (not you) would do the world a favor to take small groups of people out into the woods and Sincerely, taking help and then feeling obligated. My wife and I make cheese fondue and sourdough bread at the cabin on a cold day. Very inspiring. I moved from New York City to rural Vermont for many of the same reasons you talk about in your videos, i.e. About. Growing up in suburban Ontario, Canada, I was fortunate to be surrounded by farmland and a navigable river where as a young boy, I could wander endlessly, fishing, paddling and skating on the river, bird watching, foraging wild edibles, building outdoor shelters for overnight forays and playing native with my primitive archery equipment. I think You’re right in Your observation that many people don’t live life according to their potentials and to what it has to offer. Hey Shawn, I start each day by having u join me at breakfast. Thanks for watching! Thanks for sharing your life. I feel then as a small part of her great adventure. I am in Manchester UK England, and was lucky enough (by 2005) to have experienced the early stages of success from a 10 year career as an IT consultant, that would almost certainly have made me a wealthy man by now. Join him and roulette online browsergame his dog, Cali and listen to the sounds of the forest while he works and cooks in the tranquility of this wilderness setting. I did take a job last month and i’m back to the rat race to make some cash to purchase another property to be my mental meca. Mike. You gave the gift and it is their job to “pass it on” as my mom taught me. It reminds me of when I was much younger, and times were much simpler. I am a classic yacht captain and have a lot of experience with wood and all other materials. I am very impressed with the cabin and the film work (editing) your doing. I love watching your ingenuity and determination to build a beautiful home for you and your wife. You are quite the inspiration and we get great ides from you. Avid outdoorsman who is famous for his My Self Reliance YouTube channel. Thanks for your continued sharing of your sane voice and thoughts. I am a healthy and strong 56 yr old woman. Use gravity to run LED lights.  For that reason, I’ve opted out of commercial society, stepping down from the corporate ladder, and regularly turn down opportunities for increasing my wealth. 10,425 talking about this. I am a beekeeper and you have an outstanding plant diversity in which they would thrive. To simply live…to live simply. I hope you continue to show us your techniques and failures along the way to help us grow towards living our dream to be off grid. I’ve only seen a couple of your videos but plan to keep watching and reading your blog. Today I got the t-shirt with the post and I’m proud and looking forward to it !!!!!!!! I am a lecturer and believe that your story will inspire our students when I share. I love listening to your philosophy. life is so short.if we live 70 years we think wow i have been alive 70 years but if we look back and realize it over and over we found 70 years ah how it pass so fast dont know.we must do something where we find peace whatever it is.thank you james you are fantastic person of course with your noble work greeting from dhaka,bangladesh. I was curious of what companies or outfitter store you bought your clothing. You are unique. Please reply soon as I need to start to plan my trip. We enjoy your outdoor shots, you bring the wilderness to us, since we no longer are able to make it out there. Your passion for outdoors and experience points in business has touched my heart profoundly. Great cinematography. Bought an early model but no real use in a modern house unless we get a big earthquake or volcano… a bag of rocks or iron bars doesn’t go with my decor! I am from Massachusetts, USA and grew up in the suburbs around Boston. Looks like you are doing it! good afternoon Shawn thank you for all the information finding others like myself and wife makes me think ,,,,,,ya not crazy yet,,,, lol take care. José Dias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Yesterday morning, I happened to watch your YouTube video by chance and it continued till late night. I live in southern California wine country and I just love the beauty of where you’ve chosen to live. I guess I feel we should be on a first name basis after the hours of your videos that I have watched ;-). You are my hero. I do think though that there are many nuances in between the two catogories of people You distinguish. Wow, what an incredible series of videos! Merry Christmas to you, your family and your followers!  And, without the need to sacrifice my freedom in exchange for the hard work and time required to increase my wealth or maintain that expensive lifestyle. I recently saw an article in an on-line Paddler magazine that you contributed, regarding solo canoe trips. show about Dick Proeneke.  That’s fine if that’s your dream, and I’ve been there and enjoyed that too.  But now that I’m middle-aged, I realize that I’m much happier to live free, without the stress that accompanies attachment to material things. Take care and well done! First of all, to say that if I do not understand very well what I want to say, it is because of the low level of English I have, I am forced to use the google translator, so I beg your pardon. I have watched almost all of your videos, and noticed that your beautiful golden retriever never barks.  Fortunately, the lessons I learned during this time prepared me for my current life of passion, prosperity and self reliance. Shawn James - 1.15k Followers, 997 Following, 830 pins | A Canadian outdoorsman, currently building a log cabin in the Canadian wilderness along with a complete wilderness homestead. I can only add to to the many positive reactions on Your site. Mr James! Hi Shawn, Your story is very inspiring.

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