Power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 19.1 It’s just too bad BMW didn’t find anything good to put on those screens. We didn’t enjoy everything about the interior, though. That’s beside the point, though. The i3’s quirky exterior is complemented with a modern, minimalist interior. If you aren’t fully committed to going electric, you could also get a pretty nice BMW 3 Series for around the same price as our i3s tester. But if you’re willing to buy an electric car that needs gas, you might as well get a full-fat plug-in hybrid, like BMW’s own 330e. 2020 BMW i3 s Auto w/Range Extender Premium Enhanced Package, BMW ConnectedDrive Professional Services ! BMW claims over 80% of the materials visible to vehicle occupants are made from recycled or renewable materials, so your eco-friendly credentials will never be in doubt. It probably hasn’t made much money but if you consider that Nissan’s Leaf has been a rolling test-bed for the Japanese company, the i3 has been the same for BMW. With Amazon Alexa* Car Integration you can use Amazon's voice assistant effortlessly in your vehicle. The 2019 BMW i3s is a daring design and a lot of fun to drive, but its high price and relatively short range make it a poor value. Get the details right here, from the comprehensive MotorTrend buyer's guide. Short range and lack of features make the i3 a poor value at its $45,445 base price, but we would still spend an extra $3,200 to get an i3s. The new high-performance battery now supplies the electric engine with even more energy – and you get even more electric driving pleasure. But by gazing so far ahead into the future, BMW has lost sight of what today’s buyers need. It’s not as minimalist as Tesla’s one-screen setup, but in some ways, it works better. Color N/A . The BMW i3 isn’t as appealingly futuristic as it once was, and in today’s rapidly evolving world of EVs, it has fallen behind. That has put the i3s in a no man’s land. Read our review of the result and see pictures of the i3s at Car and Driver. Getting ahead has never been so easy: the BMW i3 can cover 246 kilometres in a day with its extended range. BMW adds an "s" to its i3 electric car in the hopes of infusing it with a bit of sportiness. BMW uses the Combined Charging Standard (CCS) favored by other European automakers. Like the BMW i8 sports car, the i3’s body shell is made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (you can even see it when you open the doors). Copyright ©2021 Designtechnica Corporation. The BMW i3 debuted on the market in late 2013, one of the brand’s first electric cars. The BMW i3s sits 10mm lower and 40mm wider than the BMW i3, allowing for a sportier ride and optimized driving dynamics. The i3s is also capable of 50-kilowatt DC fast charging, allowing for an 80% charge in 42 minutes, according to BMW (the Germans are nothing if not precise). Customer-oriented total electric range in km: up to 172 The values of the vehicles labeled with (2), are preliminary. We wouldn’t get the range extender, however. The BMW lacks a prominent hood and both front and rear overhangs, helping to maximize interior space within a small footprint. The driving range depends on a variety of factors, especially: personal driving behaviour, selected route, weather conditions, usage of heating/cooling and preconditioning. The driver’s seat is so far back (for weight distribution, maybe?) Customer-oriented total electric range in km: up to 172 You would be right to observe that BMW beat Tesla to the punch by replacing gauges with screens. The low weight and low-lying centre of gravity boost both agility and range. Even the wheels are unusual: They’re large in diameter but very thin, almost like oversized bicycle tires. This 2020 BMW i3 uses state of the art technology and materials to be what it is. Other cars may be quicker, but the i3s was still grin-inducingly quick. The pint-sized BMW has been on sale for several years, gone through multiple revisions, and seen a wave of new electric cars on both ends of the market. Granted, the i3 uses two screens instead of the Tesla Model 3’s single, central screen. Tesla cuts price of touchscreen upgrade by $1,000 amid recall pressure, Tesla recalls 135,000 vehicles over touchscreen safety issue, Tesla asked to recall vehicles over touchscreen safety issue, 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge first drive review: Refined EV subtlety, 2021 Acura TLX A-Spec SH-AWD review: Recapturing the Golden Age, Apple Car will be fully autonomous with no driver input, insiders claim, Tesla boosts in-house services with collision repairs, FWD vs. RWD vs. AWD: Drivetrain layouts and what they mean. Find your perfect car with Edmunds expert reviews, car comparisons, and pricing tools. Top speed rises from 93 mph to 99 mph. Hello guys how are you all hope that you guys will be good Friends, we told you about the previous post about bmw f30 car No 1 Bmw i3 car Price & features In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the bmw i3 car. BMW didn’t just try to make an electric version of an existing type of car. that you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of the car. The Life module describes the modern passenger cell made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). Specifically, we drove the 2019 BMW i3s. Executives kvell about how the i3 isn’t just any car, it’s a reinvention of what a BMW can be. HOME / BMW / i3 / Reviews / Road Test / Car Review: 2017 BMW i3 The BMW i3's larger battery and optional range-extending two-cylinder engine make range anxiety a thing of the past BMW has just unveiled the i3, its revolutionary new electric car. Bmw i3, which is a very beautiful bmw car, has many features of this car, which is as follows No 1 Bmw i3 car Price & features Seated so far back, we had trouble telling where the front of the car ended and would have killed for a forward-facing camera. The i3s felt plenty quick in traffic, rocketing away from stoplights like it was being chased by death itself. That out-of-the-box thinking isn’t just skin deep. $65,088 MSRP. Carbon fiber is both lightweight and strong, but it’s also very expensive and difficult to work with. At the same time, the i3s doesn’t offer enough performance or tech features to justify stepping down from a Tesla Model S, Jaguar I-Pace, or Audi E-Tron. At the same daily range, the BMW i3s has 184 hp and a torque of 199 lb-ft. The i3 was BMW's first mass-produced zero emissions vehicle and was launched as part of BMW's electric vehicle BMW i sub-brand. It’s a testament to the rapid introduction and spread of tech features that the i3 has fallen behind after just a few years on sale. It connects you to the outside world, updates you about what's going on, keeps you organised, and takes you as far as you want to go. A car designed for use in cities shouldn’t present any problems when parking, period. Get in and experience the future at your fingertips. BMW’s process of combining carbon fiber with plastic maintains the material’s benefits, but also makes it cheaper and easier to mass produce. The i3’s shape is part SUV, part Smart car. Please switch to a different browser e.g. Electric range in km (combined): 172 With its Ikea color palette and (optional) bright blue seat belts, our test car’s interior looked bright and welcoming, starkly contrasting the cave-like atmosphere of some current BMW interiors. BMW felt an electric car should be made with sustainable materials, so it used open-pored, unbleached eucalyptus for the wood trim (it has the advantage of looking like actual wood as well), recycled plastics, and kenaf, a material made from plants. The BMW i3 is full of innovative technologies it can use to confidently master your day-to-day life. The values of fuel consumptions, CO2 emissions and energy consumptions shown were determined according to the European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable at the time of type approval. Regardless of drive mode setting, the ride is harsh and the suspension transmits every road imperfection to the driver’s spine. The i3 is supposed to be a luxury car, but its infotainment features are fairly basic. Also often referred to as carbon, this material is not just particularly light but also stronger and more resilient than steel. That system is an optional extra on the Leaf, but BMW doesn’t offer anything like it at any price. Total Selling Price may vary by province. But the back seats are still tiny, and only really suitable for occasional use. CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 13 You’d think that would be enough for such a small car, but the odd seating position can make the i3 difficult to park. Drive away the BMW i3 s, designed by BMW and delivered to you by Barons & Chandlers BMW across Hampshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, London and … * values based on NEDC test cycle The first thing you’ll need to decide is what model you want, as the i3 changed and improved over its life. Electric range in km (combined): 172 Buying With CarsDirect. It is necessary to unlock it with BMW … Its designers re-thought everything in order to make the ultimate city car. Advanced driving technology. We´re sorry but this highlight is not available for your current device. Electric range in km (combined): 172 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), doesn’t have current ratings for the i3. Power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 19.1 Designed in a progressive form language that communicates clarity and an interior lounge character. The BMW i3 was offered, from the get go, in two versions. It is always ready for the road and to explore new avenues. The all-electric 2019 i3s we tested achieved 102 MPGe on our highway fuel-economy route, which matched its EPA rating. Rated at 153 miles of all-electric driving range, the i3's 42.2-kWh battery pack pales in comparison with the Bolt EV's 60.0-kWh battery and its EPA rating of 259 miles. Price $ 23,991 . However in tests by the Insurance Institute … All you get are a rearview camera and parking sensors. BMW’s i3 has basic safety features including four-wheel, anti-lock disc brakes, stability control and six airbags. You also get BMW’s familiar iDrive control knob and analog shortcut buttons for menus, making everything easy to navigate. It provides just the right amount of rotation to help the car take a set into corners. For province-specific pricing please refer to the Build & Price section of the website. A l... $62,990 Dealer Price. With style and a trend-setting design for electrifying driving pleasure. All rights reserved. The BMW i3 is a B-segment, high-roof hatchback manufactured and marketed by BMW with an electric powertrain using rear wheel drive via a single-speed transmission and an underfloor Li-ion battery pack and an optional range-extending petrol engine. Audi Beverly Hills of Beverly Hills (10 mi) See Used i3 Listings. BMW’s process of combining carbon fiber with plastic maintains the material’s benefits, but also makes it cheaper and easier to mass produce. The i3s model unlocks some of that potential. Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 0 The i3 doesn’t have an ordinary interior, either. Instead of making the i3 a two-seater, which would have saved space, or stretching it to fit four full-size doors, BMW tried to split the difference with rear half doors, similar to an extended-cab pickup truck. Crash-test ratings also apply to both the standard i3 and the i3s, as there is no structural difference between the two models. This is a case of in for a penny, in for a pound. Fuel consumption in l/100 km (combined): 0.6 The tech may have been a disappointment, but the driving experience certainly wasn’t. You don’t have to go fast to have fun, though. There was a purely electric model and another one for people suffering from what we call ‘range anxiety’ today. The tech may have been a disappointment, but the driving experience certainly wasn’t. BMW Accident Management & Roadside Assistance, Original BMW Accessories: Spring and Summer, https://www.dat.de/angebote/verlagsprodukte/leitfaden-kraftstoffverbrauch.html. BMW’s i3 has been a qualified success for the brand. Interested in the 2021 BMW I3? Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. The cargo area is very small as well, which isn’t surprising, as the electric motor sits directly underneath it. We also comple… CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 0 It’s a luxury car designed for a future of overcrowded cities and increased environmental awareness. From playing your favourite tunes via the latest Amazon Alexa Car integration to finding the perfect route to your next destination using Send to Car functionality, most things you want can be achieved with minimal fuss. Service coming soon. The mixture of high-quality trimmings and accent colors gives the i3 even more personality. In Europe, drivers could engage the BMW i3 REx’s gas engine to help the … That’s why the material’s use is primarily limited to race cars and exotic supercars. Find Your Next Vehicle at BMW London. BMW also gave the i3s a sportier suspension setup than the standard model, and a driver-selectable sport mode to make the most of it. RELATED: BMW Is the Most Awarded Luxury Brand of 2020. Still, only the i3 has an optional gasoline-fueled range-extending generator that fires up when the battery falls to a five percent state of charge. The electric engine of the BMW i3 with a performance of 170 hp provides emission-free driving pleasure for up to 246 km. Customer-oriented electric range in km: up to 172 The same goes for driver aids. But it’s also fairly tall and wide, and the driver sits up high, providing a more commanding view of the road than the average small car. You don’t get anything you wouldn’t find in a cheaper car. title. Experience exceptional refinement with the available Tera World interior, featuring sustainable, high-quality Dark Truffle Vernasca Leather and Dark Oak Wood Trim. Another thing BMW had to change was when the range extender kicked on. Save up to $3,931 on one of 652 used BMW i3s near you. With its lightweight construction and rear-wheel-drive setup, the i3 always had the makings of a fun car. Maximum speed fully electric in km/h (BMW i3s), Electricity consumption in kWh/100 km (BMW i3s). The BMW i3 does not follow any trend; it's an expression of a self-conscious lifestyle. That's exactly what the BMW i3 offers with its numerous digital services and driver assistance systems. A vehicle that sets trends with its individuality. This tiny EV is also surprisingly spacious and can seat up to four people comfortably. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the i3 its top “good” score for all crash tests, but an “average” for head restraints and seats, and a mid-level “advanced” rating for front crash prevention. The BMW i3 is full of innovative technologies it can use to confidently master your day-to-day life. That’s the magic of instantly-available electric torque, and BMW has taken full advantage of it. And yes, you do notice the rear-wheel drive. It’s also a package that you can enjoy at sane speeds. Like the 1934 Chrysler Airflow and 1948 Tucker, the BMW i3s is a car ahead of its time. Review 2019 BMW i3 ReX: It’s obvious that at this point the 2019 BMW i3 is being outclassed by more affordable electric vehicles, both in terms of range and price. 2017 BMW i3 interior | BMW. Fast forward to the present, and the i3 is no longer a vision of the future. Those numbers may be an improvement over the standard i3, they’re no match for the competition. Power consumption and CO2 emissions for the BMW i3 with Range Extender* (2): Only Apple CarPlay is available, not Android Auto, and it’s only free to use for one year. But it … As with all public charging, the availability of CCS stations varies widely by region. The i3 has not been crash tested by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Mileage 15,528 mi . From the chassis to the passenger cell – the intelligent combination of driving and and lightweight components enables the unparalleled dynamics of the BMW i3. CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 14 … 2020 BMW i3 s $62,523. Charging the 42.2-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack takes 4.9 hours from a 240-volt Level 2 AC source, according to BMW. With extra power and sportier chassis tuning, the i3s is the variant best suited to live up to BMW’s oft-quoted tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” With a base price of $48,645 and an as-tested price of $54,595 (all prices include a mandatory destination charge, our test car was certainly priced like a traditional BMW. The 2019 i3 is rated at 153 miles of range by the EPA. We are sorry, but your browser is not supported. According to the lawsuit, the BMW i3 cars with Range Extenders are at increased risk of accidents and injuries to occupants. It is always ready for the road and to explore new avenues. A Tesla Model 3 offers more space for passengers and cargo, not to mention cheaper cars like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt EV. For substantially less money than an i3s, you can also have a Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, which will do zero to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 140 mph, according to Tesla. The values shown are based on the fuel consumption, CO2 values and energy consumptions according to the NEDC cycle for the classification. * Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. For further information about the official fuel consumption and the specific CO2 emission of new passenger cars can be taken out of the „handbook of fuel consumption, the CO2 emission and power consumption of new passenger cars“, which is available at all selling points and at https://www.dat.de/angebote/verlagsprodukte/leitfaden-kraftstoffverbrauch.html. It doesn’t offer enough of a range boost to justify its extra cost or the compromise of relying on a gasoline engine part-time. That helps reduce the car’s frontal area, making it more aerodynamic. The BMW i3s sprints even faster, with 6.9 seconds. The standard i3 received an above-average reliability score from Consumer Reports, which can likely be applied to the i3s. [With respect to these vehicles, for vehicle related taxes or other duties based (at least inter alia) on CO2-emissions the CO2 values may differ to the values stated here.] That version is rated at 200 miles of total range, on both gasoline and electric power. The i3s is a car ahead of its time, but gazing so far ahead into the future, BMW has lost sight of what today’s buyers need. The i3, powered by a 170 hp electric motor, accelerates to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds, while the BMW i3s with 180 hp is 4/10ths faster. Its light weight, small size, and quick-reacting steering make a great combination. Thanks to the fully-electric drive train BMW eDrive, the BMW i3 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds. With style and a trend-setting design for electrifying driving pleasure. The danger with the BMW i3 Range Extender. The i3s is also a riot in corners. My BMW app. The CO2 efficiency specifications are determined according to Directive 1999/94/EC and the European Regulation in its current version applicable. That’s when Edo Tsoar found his leased 2015 BMW i3 REx slowing down in traffic while on a hill once the Range Extender kicked in. This might take a few seconds. Unfortunately, though, the 2017 i3 wasn’t available with amenities such as power seats or a sunroof. BMW does offer a park-assist system that can automatically steer the car into spaces, but it’s only available on the standard i3, not the i3s. BMW does offer wireless phone charging, but it uses a clip to secure the phone that ours (a Moto G7) wouldn’t fit into — even without the case. The default “comfort” setting isn’t that great to begin with. The i3 may have a design from the future, but its tech is already aging. Electric range in km (combined): 172 The i3s gets the same new-car warranty as other BMW models, with a term of four years or 50,000 miles, as well as four years of free roadside assistance. Power consumption and CO2 emissions for the BMW i3s (2): That’s not the case with the BMW i3. The i3 isn’t a massive seller for BMW but as it has been available since 2103 there are a still a good few hundred of them for sale used at a variety of prices, specifications and mileages.