Marketplace sellers offer different shipping options. Using VCarve Pro on the Shapeoko with Bitsetter, Tool Change with single GcodeNeils Post Processor Page: New 65mm spindle /router mount. Carbide Create is downloaded software that's run from your own machine, it’s not cloud software that can be insecure and unavailable. In CM, you do this by clicking the change tool button. It seems to me that the electrical connection between the probe and the hole it’s in is iffy on the X-left direction, but OK on the X-right, Y-left and Y-right, and Z. $75.00. Il Carbide3D BitSetter è una sonda automatica di offset degli utensili per il vostro Shapeoko che rende facile eseguire lavori utilizzando più utensili senza la … Amana AMS-114-K: 3-PC CNC Signmaking and Engraving Pack $ 135.95 $ 101.96 3. The BitZero calculates an absolute Z location for the current tool with relation to the top of your stock. The Carbide 3D Shapeoko BitSetter is an automatic tool offset probe for your Shapeoko that makes it easy to run jobs using multiple tools without the need to stop and re-zero manually. The Carbide3D BitSetter is an automatic tool offset probe for your Shapeoko that makes it easy to run jobs using multiple tools without the need to stop and re-zero manually. Documentation site for Carbide 3D. Disable the BitSetter Before beginning the HDZ upgrade: 1. Carbide Motion V3 for Windows 7, 8, 10 Build 368. I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with it’s ability to reliably set for bit length after a tool change. Connect your machine to Carbide Motion. Proximity Switch Upgrade Installation Guide: View Proximity Switch Upgrade installation guide BitSetter © 2020 RobotShop inc. All Rights Reserved.Putting robotics at your service is a trademark of RobotShop inc. This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. Luke (Luke (Carbide 3D)) February 10, 2020, 2:28am #3 @TheSilentEngineer It sounds like your Bitsetter is jammed up - This is the first time I’ve heard of this happening in the wild. I’ll give a clean, but it’s brand new out of the box (I hope!) The BitSetter is responsible for measuring the Z difference between successive probes. I would have thought it better located on the opposite edge! I’m thinking about ordering the bitsetter but I’m a little confused about the tool changes and saving the tool paths with vcarve. The BitZero moves a quite a bit and, on the last two occasions, I’ve had to reinitialise the machine. Followed the directions exactly as written (much better written than my Shapeoko directions - nice job Carbide 3d). Can you Machine a Sample for me? Password. This prevents it from moving when doing the X & Y probing…. (Showing the 3D preview of the first operation with Carbide Create) The first op is using the 1/8″ endmill to machine 4 slightly larger than 1/8″ holes (Carbide Create does not drill, so a hole must be at least 10% larger in diameter than the endmill used to machine it), and to create a 3/16″ wide slot down the right side. For example. Ah, I’ve already asked about the relevance of that here! In general, you are always going to be fine if you only ever change a tool when Carbide Motion has a “Change Tool” dialog up. Technical queries should be directed to the RobotShop Forum). One of the biggest challenges I had when learning to use my Shapeoko CNC was doing a bit change in the middle of a project. Get Carbide Create Here. Open Carbide Motion. Make Complex Jobs a Cinch with the Carbide 3D BitSetter. Clearly the BitSetter then does it’s thing, but does the machine ‘know’ and take into account the (high likelihood of) change in length of the bit? It makes several passes … The electronics work on 110V or 220v. BitSetter measures the length of the cutter in your spindle and, combined with Carbide Motion, automatically resets your Z-axis zero point to reflect the new length, making tool changes simple and straight forward. or Best Offer +$17.01 shipping. It includes an adapter board to allow you to connect both the BitSetter and the Touch Probe. RobotShop is in full operation & shipping globally while adhering to strict safety protocol. Everything seemed to be perfect, followed the configuration directions and setup the device in Carbide Motion newest version and centered bit over the Bitsetter. Hi all - I’m new here. Watch; Results matching fewer words. Again, I’ve watched the video and have an understanding of how it works and have successfully ‘zeroed’ … Note: Login information is for Launchpad only. Holding it in place may be a solution, but that’s hardly the point. I’m worried about this, though. BitSetter works on all Shapeoko 3, XL, XXL machines running Carbide Motion 428 or later and includes the splitter required to use with the Shapeoko Touch Probe. I’ve gotten in the habit of pushing down on it with a finger during probing to weigh it down, but can still feel it get nudged around a little by the machine. general faq. Carbide Create is our 2D CAD/CAM program designed specifically for Carbide 3D machines. Carbide Create. You can build it in about 2 hours. For those occasions where you haven’t put the probe in at machine initialization time, then the BitSetter will have stored the measurement of whatever bit is in the collet. When just probing for Z, you do not hang it over the lip of your stock, and just sit the whole thing on top. With the BitSetter, you only need to set This accessory expands the functionality of your Shapeoko 3 Touch Probe (either Carbide 3D's or Dog River Tools') by allowing tool length probing through Carbide Motion. !”, “Fast shipping, well packed, very good quality products.”, Ask a question on the RobotShop community, Carbide 3D Compact Router Precision Collet Set (1/4" & 1/8"), Measures the length of the cutter in your spindle, Making the tool changes simple and straight forward, Works on all Shapeoko 3, XL, XXL machines, Allows you to connect both the BitSetter and Touch Probe. Order confirmation and Order shipped emails are the same day or next day. All three work well on Shapeoko. And that … The problem (in my mind, at least) is with the BitZero. I have a question about the repeatability of the Bitsetter. So, essentially, I’m doing things as I should. Pre-Owned. Use the Touch Probe for setting the zero height, then let Carbide Motion compensate automatically for tool length variation after a tool change. Item information. Awesome”, “The service is always exceptional, and the range of parts match the service!!!! Details about Carbide 3D - Shapeoko BitSetter. Carbide 3D, makers of The Nomad 883 and Shapeoko 3 desktop CNC machines. Machine Operating Checklist; Are your Machines Certified? So if I want to install the probe to replace a bit, I need to use the change tool button before the first BitSetter run, then BitZero, load the g-code file, change to the bit and then run the job. Quantity: 4 available / 8 sold. Secondly - and more complex in it’s description (sorry) - once the BitZero has done it’s thing I replace the probe with a bit, load the g-code file and start the job. Motion plates are precision machined. E-Mail Address. or Best Offer +$9.60 shipping. BitSetter comes with wiring adapters to fit any version of Carbide 3D Shapeoko electronics. CNC Touch Probe Plate X Y Z Axis Tool Setting For Carbide Motion + Shapeoko CNC. The Shapeoko is made in the US and comes with a 12 month warranty. In this simple video I will walk you through how to operate the Carbide 3D touch probe. I’ve watched the videos for both the BitZero (v2) and BitSetter and, up until this point, I’ve only used the BitSetter - and understand how to use it. Get Carbide Create for Free. To all EU customers! The problem (in my mind, at least) is with the BitZero. The ‘new’ bit will then be measured by the BitSetter. Free shipping on orders over USD $ 75.00 *, Data Communication and Human Input Devices, Defense, Security, Surveillance & Inspection, * Subject to approval and not available for products shipped by others sellers through the RobotShop Marketplace, “My order was quickly processed and shipped. 2. Please enter a valid email address. I have a simple program that cuts out a small rectangle from the middle of the plate. Not sure if doing so was a good idea, though. BitSetter measures the length of the cutter in your spindle and, combined with Carbide Motion, automatically resets your Z-axis zero point to reflect the new length, making tool … It requires Carbide Motion 428 or later. Just to be 100% sure, there must also have been some point in the whole scheme of things - perhaps at machine initialization - at which the probe bit you are using has also been measured with the BitSetter. The Carbide3D BitSetter is an automatic tool offset probe for your Shapeoko that makes it easy to run jobs using multiple tools without the need to stop and re-zero manually. Hopefully this will link to the video [deleted]. ... Julien (Julien (Carbide 3D)) December 28, 2019, 11:21pm #2. RobotShop, the World's Leading Robot Store For Personal and Professional Robot Technology. Orders over $50 ship free to the US and Canada Cart: 0; Log in or Create an account; Menu Is this normal and/or does it matter? This is identical to the Nomad workflow. $170.59. Der Carbide3D BitSetter ist ein automatischer Werkzeugkorrekturtaster für Ihr Shapeoko, der es einfach macht, Aufträge mit mehreren Werkzeugen auszuführen, ohne die Notwendigkeit, anzuhalten und manuell neu zu nullen. The Carbide3D BitSetter is an automatic tool offset probe for your Shapeoko that makes it easy to run jobs using multiple tools without the need to stop and re-zero manually. * Free shipping is only available for products shipped by RobotShop. RobotShop is also a leading force in Robotics Education & Research. The Shapeoko is partially assembled. What’s bugging me is the BitZero. Build: 514 Released: 9-24-2020 Build: 514 Released: 9-24-2020 Putting these two together, if you use a probe on your BitZero and change it for a real bit, you must do that in a way that recalculates the difference between the probe length and the new bit, and that needs to involve the BitSetter. It is used to calculate an ‘offset’ value so that subsequent tools hits the same physical Z location. It sounds like you are doing everything properly. I’ve deleted the link from my post. We are not charging VAT on your orders. so the aluminium shouldn’t have oxidised just yet! New replies are no longer allowed. By measuring the length of your cutter while it rests in the spindle, the BitZero communicates with Carbide Motion to adjust the Z-height of your Shapeoko for you. There’s the Nomad for folks that need a small footprint and need to be able to cut soft metals, and there’s the Shapeoko Pro for all the woodworkers out there. Given the first two are the only points at which you can interactively force the prompt to come up, you either predict things and put the probe in before you initialize the machine, or you ask for the prompt by manually requesting a tool change. Price Match lets you match the price of any item sold and shipped by RobotShop with a competitor's price! We provide a diverse product selection, educational and quantity discounts, useful resources and specialized support. Carbide 3D Shapeoko BitZero Please enter your email address to receive an alert when the product is in stock: Submit. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you have the BitSetter checkbox checked, go ahead and uncheck it. d. Click the Connect to Cutter button. Firstly, the BitZero moves slightly when the probe makes contact with it. Carbide Motion V3 for OS X 10.8 or later Build 366. The Shapeoko uses our Carbide Compact Router or you can provide your own DeWalt DWP-611 or Makita RT0701C as a spindle. Price Match. Remember Me Login Forgot Your Password?