When I was in my teens, my summers were spent working hard at a construction job where I earned excellent wages, so at the age of seventeen, I purchased a couple of acres on an island in a small lake north of Parry Sound, preparing for a life focused on the outdoors. WE will be there for about 4 years and will live in some type of a rural suburban area. (‘retired’).SF. Keep up the good work, its nice to see you and your wife enjoying the lifestyle. Love the show. When I started my self-love journey and learned that my self-worth didn’t rely on other people I found a different kind of independence. A couple of questions , bug repellent, what do you suggest and all your boards where cut with what a chain saw?  By the age of twenty-one, I decided school and work were not that interesting and I prepared myself to spend twelve months building and living in a small log cabin on that property. Have you considered mushroom farming here is a link you may find interesting https://www.wikihow.com/Grow-Mushrooms-Indoors. The University of Guelph has an excellent Youtube series on beekeeping if you want to check it out:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3mjpM6Av4bxbxps_Gh5YPw Not far from your cabin area. Nous aimons notre confort dans notre région très touristique mais je fuis la foule et je préfère la vie au calme. If you would like some background before replying, please check out our Facebook page “NY48 Chinook” and the blog of the restoration of our 101 year old gaff cutter Chinook on “sailblogs using the same NY48 Chinook. A forgotten skill in the age of short attention spans and lack of critical thinking. I discovered your youtube videos yesterday and I’ve been binge-watching them! 🙂. Hi my name is Grace I really admired your skills and I continued watching you’re show I really loved you’re show. As the channel states: ... with a wife who’s collected a lot of clothes, a simple 1 or 2-room shanty wasn’t going to cut it, so this place was probably as close as I was ever to get to that dream. Best regards, Wonder if you’ve heard of Gravity Lights? Lets do an episode in Mt Olympus, the home of Greek gods! Thanks Kevin. For more updates please visit MySelfReliance.com This Covid-19 lock-down period has destroyed my income but thankfully also given me the time I really needed to properly devote to developing my passions –> / writing / creating beautiful space to live in both indoor and outdoor – through landscaping, property improvement, and making small bespoke outdoor buildings / growing flowers and vegetables to feed and heal the soul,mind and body / finding and contributing to a community of people who like me, are following their passions which are genuinely not rooted in any desire for money-wealth or status of any kind. The ‘music” of a human involved in minding his own business. I have been very moved by them.  My name is Shawn James, and this is my story. Join him and roulette online browsergame his dog, Cali and listen to the sounds of the forest while he works and cooks in the tranquility of this wilderness setting.  For that reason, I’ve opted out of commercial society, stepping down from the corporate ladder, and regularly turn down opportunities for increasing my wealth. 16,996 talking about this. Hence I learned to build & maintain fence, herd cattle, harvest crops, pick stones, and operate, repair & maintain the machinery involved in the farm business, I love learning about how to live off-grid, environmentally-sustainable lifestyle as free from popular corporate influences & opinion as I can. I have 2 younger children and 3 dogs (2 golden retrievers). Online. I am 58 years old and recently moved into a log cabin that is a quintessential fixer upper. I’ve been watching the cabin progress since you started building. How to Build an Off Grid Log Cabin: For FREE! Hot chocolate was there when they came in from sliding down our big hills. I keep hearing these days about “how it’s important to fail” and it just makes me angry, frankly. do self-reliance activity. I’m just a little curious about what you think about the crap that’s going on in the world and wondered if that’s partly why you decided to move out into the bush so to speak things like the GMOs in our foods and contaminated water and things like that do you have any spin or anything to say about that or what you feel about that …. Is there a photo somewhere of your beautiful fenced garden in your old backyard in the city? Dream. That might already be enough for a meaningful life. I only saw it for a moment this morning, but oh, it’s perfect. So first off, thank you for documenting your accomplishments and hardships along your journey. I love watching you both on youtube and would love to be able to do what you are doing. I was particularly interested in your appreciation for Dick Proenneke’s “Alone in the Wilderness” and I am sure you have honoured his memory well. Hi Just stumbled on your site. the Vermont Casting Stoves sales rebuild kits for their stoves with all new seals, you can also replace the gas combustion chamber which is behind the back plate of the inter box. In my humble opinion, stay focused on daily tasks, I have no problem with not having dialogues, I think it’s even cooler. Greetings from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, Spain. LOL. We enjoy your outdoor shots, you bring the wilderness to us, since we no longer are able to make it out there. I’m not as far as yourself but working towards it. I moved from New York City to rural Vermont for many of the same reasons you talk about in your videos, i.e. Be well, and thank you again. Hello. Published on Feb 24, 2018 Unique Shawn James My Self Reliance Posters designed and sold by artists. Great fun! Thank you very much for an admirer of your work, keep it up. I almost have enough money saved to buy my property here in Virginia. Thank you for the experiences you’ve shared. Your Friend, attitudes and values. If I could I would pick your brain for every bit of information I could get. I saw that maple is one of your annual tasks in the late winter, explain to us how you do it, I would love to try it. My goal is to inspire you to attain your own self reliance so you can follow your passions and live your best life. A very popular channel, My Self-Reliance is run by Shawn James, detailing his life and journey living in his hand-built log cabin in the Canadian bush. I would like to ask you more questions about other places besides Ontario Canada? To simply live…to live simply. I am interested in starting this spring and was wondering if you offered service. older than you and I recall seeing his video on public tv when I was a kid. We featured your site on our blog today https://njroute22.com/my-self-reliance/ – and hope to help you find more followers. While it is true that returning the minerals to the soil is as rich as you could make it, given the originally available minerals to the soil mandates that the minerals that are not there originally will still be missing from your soil. My name is Shawn James and I am a Canadian outdoorsman, photographer, self-reliance educator, blogger and freelance writer for Ontario Tourism and outdoor magazines. . I am sure it would work. Thank you for your patience! The heater was only a 10 K BTU heater we kept in the front part of the tent pointing towards the back or sleeping area. Let us know please, and we will buy the first two. So healthy. Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. I start each day by having u join me at breakfast. I am a healthy and strong 56 yr old woman. This thing or things I would do even if I was not being paid to do them. Take Care! Wow, what an incredible series of videos! Again, thank you so much for getting information out about this lifestyle. I will admit I’m a bit of a conspiracy theorist but when you get right down to it a lot of these so-called conspiracies hold a lot of Truth. the need to be surrounded by nature José Dias, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. You are unique. on a cold winter night and be out in nature with you and Cally.  That’s fine if that’s your dream, and I’ve been there and enjoyed that too.  But now that I’m middle-aged, I realize that I’m much happier to live free, without the stress that accompanies attachment to material things. My wife and I would loved to get are hands on a couple “Cabin Life” T-shirts. I hope you are on T.V., computer for years to come. We loved watching him do everything! Nobody wants to fail, and no one wants to “learn” after failing. Hi Shawn, You are one industrious man, a what a talent. Navaja. It brings me peace and when I go to bed, I sleep like a log. So during this 15 year period I have worked as a community volunteer, as a youth worker volunteer, in childrens homes for very damaged youngsters, as a government programme – community worker, as a (commission only) home improvement salesman, as a combined (landscaper-plumber-property repairs) one-man-band, and presently in construction as a zero hours one-man-contractor. Wonderful times. I’m around your age and a resident of ontario. : D Below are some of my videos. I am interested in knowing if you have set up a course for going through the whole process of how to fell trees, peel them and cut them to build a log cabin. Until I met my wife I’d never lived with anyone, never shared a single bill with anyone. My husband grew up on a 300 acre farm and had wonderful stories to tell of his childhood as one of 9 children raised in the most wholesome environment of hard work and love. I was touched by the self reliance and motivated. Excellent video, I’m on my 60s, watching you do all the awesome stuff on your videos it’s so inspiring to all ages, I was a carpenter about 40 years ago, I love the tools you are using, If you can find some time to reply, I would appreciate. Shawn, love the channel. Love watching all your videos on YouTube. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. I’ve used them and they work well. Back to reality, my focus turned to starting a family of my own. After college, when I was 25, I moved lived in Israel for 3 years, out of the same instinct of wanting to be independent, self reliant and really just prove to myself that I can make it in the real world on my own. So financial independence has been my thing for 16 years. I’ve had expensive cars and boats and I’ve travelled the world, but I always come back to what truly makes me happy – the outdoors. Yesterday morning, I happened to watch your YouTube video by chance and it continued till late night. We featured your site on our blog today njroute22.com – and hope to help you find more followers.  This experience was my first lesson in leveraging and passive income, and I liked it! We involved all the kids (niece and nephews too) as much as we could. how can I get in touch with you I want to learn more and how to have a nice cabin without a permit. Hello Shawn, You are such wholesome therapy for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds! Do you have any advice for me when looking for land that is financially plausible for this lifestyle? The people would be healing from trauma, or healing from loss. In the meantime, myselfreliance.com is a platform for me to explore and reveal my passion for the outdoors, and why I believe focusing on nature has provided me with the tools to succeed in life. Thanks again for all that you do and I hope to keep learning and watching your extremely helpful videos. Shop affordable wall art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls aren't welcome. I look forward every friday. I would like to say that for those who are not finding themselves in the right conditions to live the style of life You are following and promoting might still be able to keep in touch with nature and all the healing and healthy aspects coming along with it as far as possible.  Efficiency, focus and strict adherence to wealth principles are the short answer. What a trip. I was curious if you’ve ever considered getting a cat or barn car to control vermin? Lol Keep up the goodwork and goodluck to you and your family. her Inganzius B. Samson. I am a beekeeper and you have an outstanding plant diversity in which they would thrive. They were happy, warm and always interested in what possibilities were available. Jump to. I recently watched your ice fishing video. Oh… And give that Cali a big hug from my wife and me! I noticed you use buckets for water runoff from the cabin roof, it seems sufficient but not clean as animals can drink from it and there is natural debris, do you have a filter system in place for drinking and cooking? !”, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. I also wanted to thank him, since his videos have become a relaxing therapy for me in those days of stress, because as soon as I see them after a hard day’s work, they relax me greatly. It was my first mini-retirement, a sabbatical of sorts, and it set the stage for a lifetime of self gratifying living. Hello Shawn, I enjoy your channels and the dog seems to love watching Cali. I used to watch them to “escape” for a while and your videos are filing the same niche so thanks. Happened upon one of your videos via Digg.com and happy I did. I recently saw an article in an on-line Paddler magazine that you contributed, regarding solo canoe trips. At twenty years of age, I sold that property for more than double what I paid for it and invested the profit in five and a half acres on the mainland of the same lake. I truly enjoy your videos. I am Brazilian and I have always been connected to water sports. My Self Reliance Today at 7:00 AM To stop drafts through the wooden door on my off grid log cabin, I t ... ack leather to the inside of the door and with some leftover leather, I make a hatch cover handle for the in-floor root storage. Awesome axe! I am messaging him your story in hopes he will be inspired. You are the Buddha of the bush! and you seem like a pretty smart man in a pretty down-to-earth guy just wondering if you had any feelings or thoughts on that that maybe you’d like to share. Mohammad from Kuwait, Hi Shawn, What a wonderful series. I am an Irish male 53 years old and fit, looking to come to Canada very soon and would like to know if you would like some free help. The main reason, I am writing you is that I agree that planning is essential to getting self reliance off the ground. I watch your videos as therapy for my soul. You are a hard man to get hold of. My wife and I make cheese fondue and sourdough bread at the cabin on a cold day. I would really appreciate a reply even if you dont really need anyone. You are living your life as your authentic self and nothing can be more real and gratifying. So, when I met my husband, it was like a match made in heaven. Thanks for watching! So, from a friend from afar, I wish you continued Strength, Health, Love and Life in the new year, and those following forward… Maybe one day, but not anytime soon! A couple years ago, through way more luck than brains, I got the opportunity to purchase a Gates 16′ beauty. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. I moved from Northern Ontario to Southern Ontario for university and desperately miss the outdoors and the comfort of 50-foot trees, bears on the back deck, and all the water up North. Just found and am enjoying your videos, makes me daydream of what I might have done but I am 75 so I just enjoy what you are doing. I love watching your ingenuity and determination to build a beautiful home for you and your wife. It reminds me of when I was much younger, and times were much simpler. Recently started and to be honest I am not much of an outdoorsman. Hi from the UK! Discover.”, I highly recommend the following items: - Heat resistant gloves (can withstand up to 500 degrees)  http://amzn.to/2l1mRMm - Heavy Duty Baking stone  http://amzn.to/2kF6eql - Lodge Cast Iron Dutch [...], No Permit Required: Where to Build a Tiny Home Why are people so attracted to the image of the cabin in the woods? In that short period of ‘privelige and clarity’ I realised two life changnig things in the first 18 months of that experience of being on the path to ‘so called success and wealth’. He has expressed some of your views about middle class/wealth, etc. A specially—cast weight would be pretty. The best thing for a young mind is challenge. If you realize the prudence of the Amish, and their attention to their soil, you would have to wonder why they pay near $1800.00 for a 55 gallon drum of this stuff. I have a shirt suggestion for you…. I look forward to the videos you post on u-tube. Personally, that is why I think your videos have such an impact. This discovery turned into a lifelong obsession with self-reliance, independence and freedom. My wife would like to know where she can get your coffee cup? You and your videos give me a lot of pleasure, strength and peace. And remember to carry along a rag or old towel to dry your hands if they get wet. Ha ha! My goal is to inspire you to attain your own self reliance so you can follow your passions and live your best life. The experience shaped who I am today and became the focus of my hopes and dreams. Shop high-quality unique My Self Reliance Millionaire T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. I am dying to find out whose band / composer and title of the music score intro of your show. Maybe one day, but not anytime soon! I have a 10 acre property off of Lake Kushog just north of Minden . Thank you. I just kinda ran across you on YouTube and I was intrigued by what you do. Hello from France ! Tu me donnes beaucoup d’inspiration et d’espoir dans cette initiative. Mike. I don’t suggest you do this, as it would take loss training and psychotherapy training. I have always loved forests and spent many happy vacations there with my late husband. I guess gold would be nice and dense and not so bulky. I hope you continue to show us your techniques and failures along the way to help us grow towards living our dream to be off grid. I currently live north of GTA and my small town is becoming not so small and crowded. I love seeing how a project starts from scratch and will gradually bring it to fruition, apart from the wonderful environment that surrounds it and which does nothing but awaken jealousy of the luck you enjoy. I am enjoying your videos from an outdoors and from a philosophical perspective so thanks ! Full disclosure, I haven’t been as dedicated as you with respect to hand tools only and have built ( helped build) a couple of log places – a small cabin and a home. I am a recovering alcoholic of 38 yrs and am still grateful for the gifts people gave me. My goal is to inspire you to attain your own self reliance so you can follow your passions and live your best life. They were first (still?) Since you are spending a lot in of time at the cabine, sometimes with nothing to do i will write you a old- fashioned letter on paper. Join Michael, Ron, Mark, and special guest Shawn James as they talk about Shawn’s hugely successful YouTube channel “My Self Reliance”. good afternoon Shawn thank you for all the information finding others like myself and wife makes me think ,,,,,,ya not crazy yet,,,, lol take care. You are my hero.  For many others, a dream life includes the typical status symbols – the big house, lavish lifestyle, expensive toys. I thought it might be on your store but? Working less than 40 hours per week but earning twice what my friends did, legally, allowed my to focus on my love of the outdoors. Hello Shawn: He lived in the wilderness for 30 years . Mr James! I recently got a tattoo reminding me of home and discovered your videos about 3 weeks after that while lost on YouTube, and continued to binge watch for hours.  Really, like most people, I desired the comfort and trappings of wealth, but did not want to sacrifice my passion to acquire them. Cut from the same cloth we are. I found out he was part of Transcendentalism movement which preferred living in nature and stressed self reliance.   It took me many years of trial and error, but I soon realized that I could earn more than enough money during short bursts of high intensity and focus. Thanks for your good video about your life on your cabinet ,you doing great job keep going enjoy. It is so healing to sit in front of the T.V. Thanks for sharing your life ! I recently completed the 1 mile road (summer 2019) back to where the well will be drilled and the cabin built. Very inspiring. Very inspiring! Rick in Michigan. That took me to thinking about gifts and I listened to your comments about the employee you and your wife had helped only to find he quit working for you and went to another place for more money. My husband and I watch your videos. I’ve watched your videos over the last couple months and I am incredible impressed with your cabin and outlook on life. 🙂 It’s a treasure. Articles and advice on growing, sourcing, buying and cooking nutritious food. Thank you for sharing your experiences and learnings. Keep on making us dreaming ! I love listening to your philosophy. I think that getting it right on the second go is good, but failing should be unacceptable. Available in a range of colours and styles for men, women, and everyone. Your videos help me get over a little bit of homesickness whenever I’m stuck on campus and in the city. I love the woods, but sadly, too old now. I have lived in Pondicherry, India for many many years 12* north of equator. Thank you for amazing viewing! Hello Mr. James, First of all many warm and kind thanks for letting us share your adventure. I love your dog too! Hello u/myselfreliance, my name is Jiri, I'm from the Czech Republic.I'm a big fan of what you are doing and you are a big inspiration to me in many ways. (Yup, we’re almost neighbors.) And, what we did not take into consideration was HOW MUCH work it was going to be and how much OLDER we both are….my husband is 64. “The Problem is You Think You Have Time. After watching your log cabin build go viral on youtube (past 1 million views congrats! I love your YouTube page. I guess I feel we should be on a first name basis after the hours of your videos that I have watched ;-). From an early age, I had a love for the outdoors that distracted me from just about everything else in life. Love your You tube series on the cabin build. And I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction for how to make that 10 year plan you mentioned in your about video. He is 70 and a retired “hot shot firefighter”, I’m 68, we are Hispanic. Copyright 2020 MySelfReliance.com  |  All Rights Reserved Â, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3mjpM6Av4bxbxps_Gh5YPw, https://www.wikihow.com/Grow-Mushrooms-Indoors. 10,425 talking about this. First of all, to say that if I do not understand very well what I want to say, it is because of the low level of English I have, I am forced to use the google translator, so I beg your pardon. He has earned more than 237 million views there for sharing his self-reliance expertise through regular vlogs documenting outdoor adventures, including log cabin building, canoeing, and wood working. If we needed something, we usually had to figure out how to make it or fix what was broken. My wife and I make cheese fondue and sourdough bread at the cabin on a cold day. I just shared your site with him. My name is Shawn James and I am a Canadian outdoorsman, photographer, wilderness guide, self-reliance coach, blogger and freelance writer for Ontario Tourism and outdoor magazines. Hi Shawn, You really address survival on many levels. I’ve only seen a couple of your videos but plan to keep watching and reading your blog. They also have “satellite “ lights. This is the only aspect I can feel is left to add to what you are already offering (which is a complete package of skills, appreciation for the perfection of nature, and the sensibility to present all of this within an aesthetic framework). I’d been very impressed until I read this claim, “worlds richest soil”. Oh… and I’ve been inspired by your videos too. P.S. A good portion of my family make up the village. Along with two buddies, Steve Kennedy and Lance Joyner, we formed “The Real Log Cabin Company” and built cabins on the islands, from felling to finish. You are quite the inspiration and we get great ides from you. Can’t wait to see more videos in the future. I am grateful for the fact that you have decided to share it all with the rest of us (ironic given your inherent shyness).I hope you find satisfaction in knowing that you are helping so may others strive for there dreams too. We’ve always loved your long-form videos. This is the type of “entertainment” that we need more of in this world. Currently living in Thunder Bay, ON, and there are lots of unorganized townships up here! From Doc’s vast studies, he has determined that the human body requires 90 essential nutrients everyday, 60 of which are minerals. It would be nice for you to make some recipes with local products, explain them more to us. I was on another channel and saw something that I thought was interesting and perhaps useful. So Your message doesn’t appear to be a political if not a spiritual or philosophical one. If you let go of the people you don’t relate to or enjoy, you are actually giving them the gift of searching out those on their wave length. Thank you. I’m 76 so probably past my time to create a log home and/or to be completely self reliant but still young enough to learn! Way back in the ’70’s I lived in the San Juans on Orcas Island. I am in Manchester UK England, and was lucky enough (by 2005) to have experienced the early stages of success from a 10 year career as an IT consultant, that would almost certainly have made me a wealthy man by now. life is so short.if we live 70 years we think wow i have been alive 70 years but if we look back and realize it over and over we found 70 years ah how it pass so fast dont know.we must do something where we find peace whatever it is.thank you james you are fantastic person of course with your noble work greeting from dhaka,bangladesh. My wife is a chef and I like to help her with the chores. I think some woodsman (not you) would do the world a favor to take small groups of people out into the woods and I am interested in learning how to build a log home. gHi Shawn, I enjoy your videos. My doctor, Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND, has taught them that the soil in their county is void of the mineral Selenium which when added to their diets relieves that issue pointing to the fact that even one missing mineral may have devastating effects on health. I don’t believe there is a greater privilege than sharing this reality with others as a ‘seeding’ to bring us towards a world we would choose, rather than a world we have no choice but to struggle and fight to survive in; no matter how long this may take. It was part of a retirement plan that my husband and I dreamt about from the time we first married 30 years ago.  I’ll show you exactly how I designed my self reliant life. Close. I’m sure that family remembers you and always will. lol She was a teacher and painter and I have several of her works including one of Georgian Bay. We’ve always loved your long-form videos. I can only add to to the many positive reactions on Your site. is there requirements of citizenship? After watching you talk about and demonstrate the Chopper Axe, I had to But, fast forward to today, and here we are trying to live out our dreams with the purchase of 18 acres and a run down Log Cabin that has turned into a never ending list of projects to complete. I am encouraged to know that you actually read your emails because I wanted to tell you how your work has inspired me. Done any gold panning? X. Hello! I’ve been wanting to do this and now i’m going to try it out. I’ve only recently discovered your YouTube channels and I have been “binge watching” of late. Should have done it years ago. Plan to retire on a plot of land with a used & re-insulated mobile home.. Grow a garden, implement a humanure waste system and enjoy the wilderness till I die while sleeping my mobile home! Meet Cali, Our Adventure Dog Golden Retriever Pup, Dog Sledding: The 2017 IFSS Sleddog World Championship at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve.