Watch Also: Driving A 1200 HP Toyota Supra To Over 185 MPH (300km/h) On The Autobahn Looks Scary As Hell. Toyota Supra Goes Past Limited Top Speed In POV Autobahn Video. But according to a new video from Cars on Autobahn, the real limiter is a bit higher. 1,239-HP Toyota Supra Accelerates Like A Rocket On The Autobahn This looks like a workout. At the momeng it has 1239HP and 1120Nm of torque! by Austin Crosby May 26, 2020, 10:36 pm. The dawn of the 21st century saw a renewed focus on extreme supercars. Good old Toyota Supra eating up the asphalt! YouTube sensation Shmee, also known as Tim Burton in the analog world, took his new Toyota Supra to the Autobahn for a real performance test. 97 Posts . Its enduring popularity means that outrageous A80 Toyota Supra builds with four-figure power outputs are a common sight. The AutoTopNL YouTube channel is behind the wheel, taking the powerful Toyota for a cruise on the German Autobahn, and it seems plenty powerful. Now, one … 2020 Toyota Supra Heads to Autobahn for Top Speed Run, Goes Faster Than Speed Limiter May 26, 2020 1 Min Read The 2020 Toyota GR Supra has an official top speed of 155 mph, but one owner discovered that the electronic limits aren’t what they seem to be. Range-topping variants of the Mk4 Supra came equipped with Toyota’s famed 2JZ engine with two turbochargers but many tuned examples with over 1,000 hp … Factory stock this beast came with 280HP and 432Nm of torque. Shmee takes the MKV Supra to the Autobahn and was able to reach the limiter with a top speed of 259 km/h (161 mph). One such car is this Toyota Supra that produces 1,239 horsepower (923 kilowatts). I drove the GR Supra for 1 ½h... no problems on the autobahn or taking roundabouts and crests quickly. Now, one of those has gone autobahn hunting. ... Yeah, Jackie Ding has put probably the most track miles on any Supra bar Toyota's drivers and doesn't suffer any problems with bump steer with adjustable tie rod ends. Officially, the current-generation Toyota Supra goes 155 mph. Complete build engine and a lot of other stuff made this Supra an absolute animal that just make the tires cry on the German autobahn! Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 3, 2019. Like a lot of German-engineered cars, it’s electronically capped there long before it reaches its mechanical limit. The initial re-launch version of the Toyota Supra caught a lot of flack. Toyota Supra Goes Past Limited Top Speed In POV Autobahn Video.